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Japan: Wii U Apparently Encountering Stock Shortages

Reports are coming in that Japanese retailers are currently dealing with Wii U stock shortages. Japanese consumers are reporting the very same thing on social media as they try and get hold of a console. The explanation behind the shortages seems to be that Nintendo was caught unaware by the surge of Wii U purchases in Japan during the holiday season and hasn’t replenished enough stock. It’s only a matter of time before the stock is refreshed. Still it’s very unusual for this situation to occur with Nintendo’s current home console. Here’s what we know so far regarding Wii U stock situations in Japan.

  • doesn’t have any units left in stock (only third-party sellers are selling it)
  • Yodabashi doesn’t have units left in stock either (both online and in stores), but back orders are still available
  • Tsutaya also sold out online


33 thoughts on “Japan: Wii U Apparently Encountering Stock Shortages”

  1. I can tell you right now that it’s (kinda) happening in Canada right now (at least in Best Buy).

    The only thing in stock is the Mario Kart 8 bundle (the regular Deluxe bundle, the Splatoon bundle, and the Smash/Splat bundle are no where to be found).

            1. N-no it doesn’t make toast… It’s a garbage disposal but instead of dumping food, you can actually dump cash in it. I’ve been told it’s how it feels to buy a Wii U.

              1. So it’s basically a kick ass personal banker assistant that ALSO plays awesome video games. On top of making toast with cool little pictures burnt into them. Sign me up. Take my $$$’s.

      1. I kind of doubt it since we still know nothing about it yet. Nintendo wouldn’t release a console the same year they unveiled it… right? Sony has done that with the PS4 but it was reveild by then, unlike the NX.

  2. Adoption rate for the wii u has been really slow.I think soon Nintendo will have a major issue in its hand like the wii and wii u.the wii was still sell Ok and the wii u was badly marketed. To a point people all over the world didn’t see the point of buying a wii u. I always believed and now even more that releasing the Nx this year will be a very bad idea.

    1. Your logic is quite flawed. They don’t need to cater to last gen owners at all. They want to push the new product, especially when it’s a large change in power/controller input vs the former release.

      Sony releases systems that match in architecture and come out swinging out of the box. The gap from PS2>3>4 is minute. Wii>U>NX varies too much.

      1. Let say I really but really disagree with you. When you sell a successful product like a wii (not the u) most companies will try to keep their customers and not push for the next big thing. Speak about next big thing when a company do that they have to make a big marketing effort, effort Nintendo didn’t do. Hence why 1/2 planet didn’t understand what the wii u is. By catering for the last gen,people will adopt the next gen easier.

        1. I haven’t seen ANY company promote their old product line when they’re doing a marketing push for a new product. That’s ridiculous.

          The U failed due to bad marketing, not by ignoring all those casuals from the Wii.

            1. Don’t fall for appearance. All these companies are businesses with a portfolio looking for profits.
              PS4 wouldn’t be doing so well if they hadn’t stepped back and seen the backlash for Microsoft with the XB1 intro. Business is business.

              1. I don’t think I am that naive, however Sony managed to make some money while keeping their customers happy.

                Again having both consoles (PS3 and PS4) do not entirely hurt one or the other. Like it was the case with PS2 and PS3.

                Furthermore let’s not forget the PS3 is still here because it cost them a lot to make and release. I think they making profit on the hardware since 2012 or 2013 if I am not mistake (could be wrong thou but that statement is on the top of my head).

                1. You keep referring to this arbitrary happiness. But it’s for two successful subsequent products (PS3/4). But that’s not the case with the Wii late in its life as everyone had moved onto the competition, and U didn’t deliver.
                  Nintendo is also still making money off lingering Wii consoles I’m sure. And they’ll make money off lingering Wii U’s when the time comes.

                  Also as an aside for the ‘happiness’, when have you seen Nintendo do simultaneous multi gen game releases? Other than TP, never. That’s not the way they work. And I can’t think of any first party titles on the competition doing that.

    1. Exactly — we still see several PS3 games in Sony’s pipeline.

      That’s how you show how much you care about your install base. Nintendo give us, Wii owners, the middle finger instead.

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  4. ~*Let the shackles be released!*~ Chains of Lucifer X3 ~*Or fall forever!*~

    ~*I see Nintendo nearly gave up on the Wii U in Japan since they ran out of stock during Christmas of all times of the year to be low on stock. Maybe the Wii U does have a chance to reach GCN numbers after all. All we can do is hope.*~

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