Nintendo Pokemon

More Pokkén Tournament Shadow Mewtwo Details In CoroCoro

In the latest issue of CoroCoro, new details on Shadow Mewtwo have been revealed for the upcoming title Pokkén Tournament.

In the article it notes that Shadow Mewtwo’s Psywave attacks can be used in multiple different ways such as in close combat or to suck in opponents, it also notes that it can be used as a projectile. To deal a great amount of damage to the opponent, Shadow Mewtwo can also use Fire Punch, Ice Punch and Thunder punch in quick succession for maximum effect. Along with Shadow Mewtwo’s abilities, it also lists standard Mewtwo to have the ability to use Hyper Beam.

Here’s the image of the article below:

shadow mewtwo.jpg

Pokkén Tournament is due for release on March 18. You can also check out the Japanese trailer featuring Shadow Mewtwo here.



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