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Pre-order: Nendoroid Pokemon Trainer Red Champion Version Up

If you like collecting the adorable Nendoroid figures then you may want to head on over to Amazon or the Pokemon Centre site immediately. The Nendoroid Pokémon Trainer Red: Champion Ver. Posable Figure is now available for pre-order. It’s not cheap at $99.99 but as with all Nendoroid figures it is well made and it also includes three Pokemon figures with battle effects. According to Amazon it should ship out today!

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5 thoughts on “Pre-order: Nendoroid Pokemon Trainer Red Champion Version Up”

  1. The original version of the nendoroid came with the starters in their basic form. It came in really limited numbers exclusively to japanese pokemon centers, and now will run you about 400 bucks to own. Getting a Red with full evolved, portable starters all for 100 bucks is a stellar deal, but don’t forget about the Red and Blue combo pack that’s available for preorder on most figure sites right now. It’ll run you 80 bucks and get you both Red and Blue in their more traditional designs than this one.

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