Tomodachi Life Has Sold 2 Million Units In Europe

Nintendo Europe should certainly be pleased today as they have tweeted that the quirky Tomodachi Life has sold 2 million units in Europe alone. That’s quite an achievement for a game that could be considered fairly obscure and it just goes to show that risks from Nintendo Europe added with a good marketing campaign really pays off.


        1. Fair enough, I was just curious. As I’m in the process of saving up cold hard cash for a new laptop preferably, PC only if a must. Cool beans!

          1. A laptop of this power would be like 3-4 thousand. PC is cheaper for more power. Still expensive though. The quad core intel I7 6700k is 360$ alone. But it has a turbo boost speed of 4.2 GHZ, and a safe overclock speed of 4.6 GHZ. I should easily be able to play PS5 games when they come out, in 4K 60fps, and have them look better on my PC.

            1. Oh of course, that sounds pretty sweet. I mainly want to WoW and play Continuum, but I’m interested in a few other title’s. So as long as I get something strong enough to handle that, I’m gravy.

              1. You probably don’t need to have all too much power than. I would go with the cheaper I5 intel. It will run both of those games fine. With the right graphics card of course. You will probably only need 8 gigs of ddr4 ram and not 16+. And then if you want to upgrade later its really easy to just pop some more ram into it.

                1. Yeah, I’ve been researching it for a while now and that’s about what I get as well. Before I bother with picking a certain one, I’ll save up the money first, then make a more informed choice.

    1. I’m considering buying a PC sometime in the future, can you give me the specs for consideration?

      1. You’d probably get better advice somewhere else. It really all depends on your price range. It also depends on what your using it for. Gaming, work, both. Gaming you’ll want a fast chip, but more importantly a really good graphics card (aka video card) mother boards aren’t nearly as important for gaming from what ive heard, but if you want to do work it might be worth getting a better one. If your gaming and you have a pretty hefty wallet the chip i would go for is the I7 intel 6700 or better yet the 6700K. If your a little low on cash, or if your only doing work stuff the I5 will be fine. SSD’s are way faster than hard drives but theyre much more expensive. That’s my advice but look around some more because im not a genius about this stuff.

  1. This was the absolute most casual and POINTLESS game by Nintendo that I’ve ever purchased. There’s absolutely no point whatsoever. It’s the same thing every single day, and the novelty wears thin FAST. It was so disappointing. I had a full 100 Mii’s living in the hotel, and I was never able to have any babies in it. I never even seen any characters get married. All I was ever able to accomplish is getting the Mii’s to make friends with other Mii’s.

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