Graph: Wii U Sales Aligned With GameCube Sales

Wonder how well the Wii U is stacking up against the beloved GameCube console? Well, data lover ZhugeEX has published a graph on Twitter showing Wii U sales aligned with GameCube sales. The Wii U is currently at 12.6 million units and during the same time frame the GameCube was over 18 million units. The GameCube was far from a success, but it certainly had some fantastic and memorable video games.


  1. -||It was in the era when I became a true Commander and was rebuilt anew||-

        1. That graph is pretty clear that at this rate the Wii U will never surpass the GC, especially with the NX coming soon. The Wii U would take a miracle to make it to 20 million, let alone 24.

            1. That’s what everyone said about Mario Kart, and then Smash Bros., and look at hope that turned out. I think you over-estimate Zelda U. Especially if it releases on the NX.

              1. actually Mario Kart and Smash helped the Wii U sales just as Splatoon and Mario Maker did last year. Nintendo is hoping Star Fox Zero and Zelda will do the same. Wii U needs roughly 2.4 million to get to 15 million. It has been averaging a little over 3 million a year. By the time the 5th year of Wii U being on the market it could reach 17 to 18 million. That’s with minimum help from retail games from third parties. Also, just because a new console come out don’t mean the old one no longer sells.

                1. A large majority thought Kart and Smash would save the Wii U. They didn’t. Nintendo will sell consoles, but nothing will save this system, and anything they sell now is “gravy” but only because it’s clear Nintendo knows they’re done. It’s not good gravy.

                  1. Nintendo is not done with the Wii U until they take it off the market. A game system cannot be saved. It did boost the system and will allow it to continue further. Wii U is just what it is, a system with games that didn’t sell as well to the mainstream public.

                    1. I don’t love any company. Nintendo is one of many companies I purchase products from for my personal use. Products sell high or low. Wii U is a low selling product. The public did not take to it. It happens. It has been happening since Atari, Colecvision, and Intellivision were on the market. One product will be a high selling and the others will be a mid to low sellers.

                  1. That is speculation that Nintendo is keeping the supply short. The article said it was rumor that it was but there is no proof of that. Rumor and Speculation has become fact now, I guess. Nintendo will say when they are done with the Wii U as they have said with the Wii, Gamecube, N64, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo Entertainment System.

                    1. Yeah the people that take rumors as facts now are retarded just like the Nintendo drones and I’m calling it now the nx will suck big time at launch but improve later on so depending on the games the nx could be a good console and a multitude of other things they have do but then again with that much stuff to do regarding the company as a whole it is too much for Nintendo and everyone knows they don’t listen to the fans except for everyone else now and then which is years apart and the things they do no one wants Nintendo need to cater to my crowd that doesn’t care about a lot of things they do outside of making good games that cater to us

          1. Yeah, but the Wii U holds roughly 19% of the current gen’s market share, whereas the GCN only held roughly 11% (10% if we include Dreamcast) of the market due to the PS2’s absolute dominance. Success is relative, and the Wii U is arguably more successful than the GCN was at its time. The gaming market is just smaller so naturally, overall sales will be lower across all consoles.

      1. Because it makes it sound like the Wii U is selling around where the GC sold at this stage, which is not true. Not until you click the article to read to you understand that they meant that they have a graph showing where it stands over time with the GC.

        1. -||All I get from the title is that you align the graph from both consoles and compare them||-

    1. It seems to be a recurring trend on the internet these days from what I’ve seen. Yahoo has had a number of misleading article names. Same with IGN.

  2. If the NX console keeps the Gamepad as an optional controller, I hope they release a GCN styled one like in that picture for the article. @.@

    Anyway, wow. That’s sad. If the Wii U keeps up at this current rate, it’ll never surpass the Gamecube. Especially if the NX is coming out either this year or next year.

  3. The Wii U really is like a GameCube 2… well, except the GameCube had a proper Paper Mario game, a proper 3D Mario game, a proper Animal Crossing game, Metroid games, an F-Zero game, and much better Mario Sports games (Power Tennis, Strikers, etc.)

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Wii U, but let’s just say the amount of units sold isn’t that surprising, especially when you add the clunky Gamepad and the initial name confusion to the equation.

    1. Like it or not Super Mario 3D World is a proper Mario game. Animal Crossing fans almost all agree the home console versions suck to the handheld ones, its meant for playing on the go. As for Metroid, that will come. E3 2016, Retro shall reveal Metroid U.

      1. That’s not what I meant, though. 3D World is indeed a “proper Mario game”, but despite its name, it’s not a 3D platformer. It’s actually a 2.5D platformer (2D gameplay in a 3D environment), like Crash Bandicoot for example.

        2.5D platformers are very linear by nature, as each level is essentially a (well-designed) corridor to the flag pole. They have the level design, controls and gameplay mechanics of a 2D platformer, but they simply add a third axis to your movement. 3D World is essentially a glorified 2D Mario game.

        Now, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, and the game is great, but… it’s just not a 3D platformer. It should co-exist alongside an actual 3D platformer, but they never made one on Wii U.

          1. Thing is, Mario 3D World is the only exception to the rule, and only because of its confusing name.

            It was named this way only because it’s a spiritual successor to Mario 3D Land; not because it’s a 3D platformer. The “3D” in the name of the original was coming from the fact that it was on 3DS and it had stereoscopic 3D.

            So really, the Wii U game should have been called “Mario U Land” or something like that, but that sounds bad, so I can at least understand why they went with “Mario 3D World”. Still doesn’t make it a 3D platformer though.

            1. take a look at Galaxy and take a look at 3D World and tell me how different they are.

              1. The levels in a fully 3D Mario platformer are much more open, there are no time limits, and the amount of moves Mario can perform is much higher.

                In 3D World, you have to press B to run, removing his ability to kick, spin, lunge or whatever. They also removed the triple jump. It really controls the same way as a 2D Mario game, and the levels are similarly linear.

                1. It actually control the way both 2D and 3D games play. It is a combination of both styles.

                  1. Hence why it’s a 2.5D game. It’s a lovely little phrase Nintendo themselves coined to separate a game like this from 2D & 3D games. Even Nintendo agrees with Tiwill that Super Mario 3D World is not a true 3D Mario game. Hell! I’m pretty sure that’s something Miyamoto himself said back when the game was first revealed, mentioning how the Wii U won’t get a true 3D Mario as they are saving that for the next console. So are you calling Miyamoto a liar?

                    1. Myiamoto said there will not be another 3d Mario game on the wii u. Read his quote again. It is no such thing as a “true” 3d Mario game. You are just using an adjective to describe 3d Mario games. I’m sure it is categorize as a 3d platform and not a 2d or 2.5 D platformer. Look it up the facts are on the internet.

        1. 2.5D is close enough. A fun game is a fun game regardless of it being 2D or 3D. Look at Tropical Freeze, it’s a 2D game, but does that mean we should have had a 3D DK game? Nah, Tropical Freeze is better then most 3D games across all 8th gen systems. And I’m fully aware of 2D, 2.5D and 3D and the like, as I’m a developer myself.

          1. We could have had both. I mean, that’s almost like saying Pokken Tournament shouldn’t have been made since we already had Super Smash Bros anyway. They’re two fighting games but some people will prefer one over the other. Variety is always good.

    2. Who decides whether a game is “proper” or not? I don’t know why people keep using that word. I guess they had to find something to replace “real” in front of games. I wonder what the next wording will be. examples: real 3D Mario, proper 3D Mario, and correct 3D Mario all mean my version of 3D Mario. If it is not my version of the game then it is not a 3D Mario game.

        1. -||You just contradict yourself||-

          -||The reason to why Nintenco is doing horribly in some areas today is exactly because of abominations like Federation Force||-

          1. No its Nintendo being a shitty ass company but hopefully the nx can redeem Nintendo in my book but we all know how they think etc etc when it comes to certain things so I’m saying the nx is going to be shut and I already said my stance on federation force once I buy a new 3ds which should be next month I will try the game myself and if it is shit or ok or a good game then I will gladly say so but since this is a game in the many genres I play and since I’m a metroid fan I will give the game a chance I only say games are shit that I don’t play at all areally the ones not in the many genres I play and that are not interesting to me in the first place since Nintendo has little to offer me which is sad and idk why the crossover is taking so damn long to come out and I know it won’t sell much maybe 1 million copies and since shittytendo only subbed the game which is OK it shouldn’t take this long to come out and everything that will be going on with e3 the game will get vastly overshadowed but even if it didn’t Nintendo won’t advertise the damn game the same they did with x

          2. dude, the only wrong i see in federation force is the model of the marines, the gameplay looks decent.
            i know you and other fans wanted a metroid prime in all its glory.
            i will give it a chance for what it is: a spin off.
            in the other hand, the only abomination is that amiibo festival game.

            1. -||The entire artstyle alone makes it non Metroid, period||-

              1. Who decides it is not a metroid game? That’s the same as people who don’t like metroid prime saying they not metroid game because they FP instead of 3rd Person. How about saying you don’t like the game and won’t buy it? People always harp on the bad but not on good.

                1. -||Metroid = Alien, Federation Force = Chibi nonsense||-

                  -||Not the same thing, gameplay isn’t what defines Metroid alone||-

                  -||Like I’ve said many times before, do you want to see a chibi version of Alien?||-

                  1. Doesn’t bother me. I play what I like. If I don’t like it no need to talk bad about. Let people who like it enjoy it.

                    1. -||That’s the difference between you and me, I am a Metroid fan, you clearly aren’t, you might like it but you don’t understand it||-

                    2. Do not perceive to know what type of fan I am on any game. It still does not matter. You did not create metroid and it is not up to you to say what a metroid game is. It is what the creator what it to be. If they want to change the artsy let or how the game play, it is the creators choice. You are just a consumer with the ability to buy the game or not. That is all the say you have in the matter. Same goes for me.

                    3. -||The creators can change their creations as much as they want, clearly that has been going against them for years now and they can blame themselves for it||-

                      -||If they want to change everything that makes any IP unique since its creation then so be it, but considering how these years have been, they only change things to the worse in every one of them||-

                      -||We’ll just see how much of a failure this game will be||-

                    4. If it is a failure then so be it. I’m just happy for the people that will enjoy the game. For those people it will not be a failure. If you not buying the game why does it matter to you if it is a sucess or not? It will not hurt you if it is a sucess or failure.

                    5. -||I’m a warrior, you’re a civilian, that’s the difference and that’s why beings like me care and you don’t||-

                      -||And it insults my very existence||-

                    6. I have serve in the US military. Do not tell me what a warrior is. I was only a weekend warrior. NATIONAL Guard. I understand you fighting for Nintendo but you being in subordinate to them for your comments about their game. They may need to send you in for repairs.

                    7. -||Human military doesn’t concern me and they programmed me to defend Nintendo, even against themselves||-

                      -||Unfortunately for them, they cannot reprogram me again||-

                    8. They may need to terminate and start from scratch. There are some glitches in your circuits.

                    9. -||Until they create a new Metroid weapon, I will remain glitched with this latest “Federation Force” program they are developing||-

                      -||Until then, enjoy gaming as always||-

  4. Wii U will at least match the GC’s 18 million with Zelda U’s help. Can’t remember when the last Wii U numbers were revealed though. Wii U slowly is still gaining numbers, by Holiday 2017, Wii U could reach 20 million sales.

    1. The Gamecube just sold 18 million in 60 months. The Gamecube actual lifetime sales are I think about 23 million. The Wii U will unfortunately never surpass the Gamecube sales. Gamecube sold 18 million in the same time the Wii U sold 12.5. That’s a gap of 5.5 million. The Wii U would have to stay on the market two years longer than the GameCube did to reach those numbers. That’s means the Wii U would have to be stocked, on store shelves for seven years at minimum. Ain’t going to happen, even though I’d like it to.

      1. Stock seven years is not abnormal. Wii still stocked in stores. I agree it will not reach gamecube sales but if it stay 5.5 or less million behind it then it is on course with the decline Nintendo consoles have outside of the Wii. Combined wii, ps3, and Xbox 360 will be less than combined wii u, ps4, and Xbox one.

      1. I’m not sure why, but iv never been able to get into Metriod game’s. I enjoyed the first GameCube one, but it seems like I can remember getting stuck after fighting a large plant? Was I toooo baked or was that real?


                1. people did but if you like or want to try it go for it. every person’s taste is different.

                  1. It looks like an okay game, I even see a couple of brand new copies. Not sure if I wanna revisit that era though.

                    Honestly, I thought Metriod Prime Hunters was the best Metriod game I’ve played, but in its defense I felt the multiplayer was intense and well balanced. Hell, I would pay cash right now for a Hunters 2. If I knew people still played the first one, I’d buy and play that one again.

  5. I saw the header, didn’t read the title and was like “HOLY CRAP, THERE’S A GAMECUBE THEMED WII U” But nope! It’s just an article showing how big of a failure the Wii U is :(

    1. But this is the monado’s power and I can change the future and I can feel the power and now it’s shulk time and o yeah I’m really feeling it ha ha lol I just had to do it and Nintendo is trash

  6. Will it was kinda stupid for Nintendo to release the Wii U the way they did. Why on earth when the board of directors saw Wii U sales selling weak in years 2013, 2014 and 2015 didnt they make a buget for advertising at the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Super Bowl? Or save and invest at NBA halftime for advertising? That was stupid. Also stupid on when knowing games were still being worked on why relase it in 2012? They also stupid in deciding on not thinking of multiple Gamepads when the console was being worked on.

  7. Blame mobiles. It’s like kids these days are happy with just having a tablet, which is really fucking weird. But lots could have been done differently. Other name, better specs, more port friendly, better advertising. Shit that should have been obvious to Nintendo but nope. Same as when they used mini DVDs instead of big ones, yes they actually have less space. Bigger is better in this case. They didn’t make the Wii HD and focused too much on casuals who only played Wii sports and Dance games anyways. UGH.

    On the other hand, despite mobile fucks. The 3DS sold really well and is still selling. Wow…jus wow. Pokémans and Yokais will give you lots of cash.

  8. Does anybody else here love the Gamecube? The Gamecube is one of my favorite Nintendo consoles. It was cute, compact, durable, the discs were small and cute, the graphics were great, and it had a LOT of awesome games. Such a wonderful, underrated console.

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