You may remember that rather exciting rumour that came via Destructoid that suggested that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be a Nintendo NX exclusive. Well, if you managed to catch their UK podcast yesterday then you’ll have heard that Ubisoft requested that the article be removed from their site which generally only happens when something is legitimate that shouldn’t have been leaked. While it’s still a rumour it does seem plausible that this could happen and it would certainly make for an exciting E3 announcement for Nintendo fans.The relevant section of the Destruction UK podcast starts at around 6 minutes:…e-jokes-jingle

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  1. Well, now this makes that rumor look even more credible or otherwise Ubisoft wouldn’t have even bothered with it at all. Hopefully if it holds up to be true Nintendo will put some marketing muscle behind it to help it sell

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        • I can’t answer that question but if I could it would take a while to answer but yeah I guess a game like cod is a good example it is enjoyable and fun and you can put a huge amount of hours into the game just like how I have 230 hours into x but will most likely stop playing x for months or just sparingly throughout the months to come cuz I’m too pissed at Nintendo with having such a small amount of games that even I would want to play and I play a lot of genres and I’m waiting for the crossover to come out and in the meantime I will be playing the small backlog as of now games on the vita but coming up this month I will buy more games because there are a lot of vita games I want and I will be playing my ds lite because of the same thing a lot of games to buy and play and there are a lot of ps4 games I want and I’d about the xbone but I will buy one just for scale bound at first then I will look at the game selection but will most likely only get games that are not on the ps4 on the xbone and that will be it and if the nx drops with metroid then I’m getting it but if it doesn’t I will wait 2 years to get one since I will have a huge back log of games to play anyway


  2. It does make it more likely to be true if Ubisoft bothered to have it taken down rather than just ignore it or make a statement saying it was untrue. So if Beyond Good and Evil 2 is an NX exclusive, that’s awesome!


  3. Another stupid devloper who didnt think of Rayman Legends for the NX while this rumoured game is in R&D. Devlopers these days sure is stupid. They also never work on a game right away after they just comoleted a game for whatever stupid reason.


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