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Japan: Hyrule Warriors Legends Version 1.2.0 Coming This Month

Japanese gamers have had Hyrule Warriors Legends on the Nintendo 3DS for a couple of months now so it is time for a patch which adds a variety of new features and fixes others. Wondering exactly what’s been added and what has been fixed? Well check out the notes, below. Hyrule Warriors Legends launches in Europe and North America later this month.

  • Adds the ability to purchase DLC
  • Adds Zelda: Wind Waker Ganondorf costume obtainable by purchasing the season pass
  • Fixes a glitch with skill rental, in which the counter would not decrease after using it
  • Fixes a glitch which slows down the player after being hit by an enemy
  • Adjusts enemy patterns for some of the giant bosses
  • Bug fixes

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3 thoughts on “Japan: Hyrule Warriors Legends Version 1.2.0 Coming This Month”

  1. I tried the demo, and I still have the same opinion as before: I want the game for the new content and DLC, but it’s not worth playing through the game again. Hell, I’m not even finished with the Wii U version, I just stared on the DLC!

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