Disney Infinity 3.0: Looks Like A Finding Dory Play Set and Figure Coming

One of the biggest movies coming out this summer is Finding Dory by Disney Pixar so it comes as no surprise to find out that a playset and figure are coming to Disney Infinity 3.0 edition. The Finding Dory news was discovered by Twitter user Ty Dash on the back of a Kraft Mac & Cheese box. So this is the Pixar Disney Infinity 3.0 playset for 2016.

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    1. Unless it’s Toy Story or Cars or Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast or Pocahontas or the Lion King or a Goofy Movie or the Hunchback or Atlantis or Mulan or Tarzan or Lilo and Stitch :P

      but seriously, I heard the other day that the voice actress for Dory has been pushing to get this made for years and Disney finally gave in lol

      1. This was a recent development with Pixar. Toy story was 90s. Toy story 2 was in the 2000s, and toy story 3 was in the 10’s. So its more of a pixar thing.

        1. I think toystory 1 and 2 were only 5 or 6 years apart, 3 did come like 10 years later, and i think 4 is scheduled for 2017 or 18. cars gets a sequel every few years though it seems like lol

  1. Finding Nemo is my favourite animated movie of all time. I saw this earlier on and just bought the FN power discs on ebay from DI 1. Looking forward to owning all of these guys 😀 lol I have the entire star wars collection, including the light up ones too! Lol

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