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Rumor: A List of SNES VC Titles Was Found In The New 3DS’ SNES Emulator

A user investigated the data inside the SNES emulator that Nintendo uses for the New 3DS’ SNES Virtual Console. The result was a list of games that are most likely coming to the Virtual Console Japan. Some of the games were already known and some of them weren’t.

Some of the games listed include Sim City, Fire Emblem, Kirby Bowl, Gradius III and even Wrecking Crew 98. Obviously, Nintendo hasn’t confirmed everything on this list so it’s considered a rumor for now. As usual, we’ll let you know if Nintendo announces anything.


9 thoughts on “Rumor: A List of SNES VC Titles Was Found In The New 3DS’ SNES Emulator”

  1. I think if the rumors about Mother 3 being translated for its 10th anniversary is true, I’d like Nintendo to give the same treatment for other future virtual console releases. Official English translations for titles like Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade would be awesome.

  2. Fire Emblem: The Sword of Seals!? Please, please, please! I want to play the game with Eliwood & Hector’s children!

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