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New Super Mario Maker Update Now Available

As well as there being a Toadette costume that you can obtain in Event Mode, Nintendo has also released a new update for Super Mario Maker. It doesn’t appear to bring anything special to the table other than adjustments that have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience. The patch brings Super Mario Maker to version 1.41.


6 thoughts on “New Super Mario Maker Update Now Available”

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    1. I don’t have the game so I’m not sure, but you can become any of the amiibos that are available from the Smash Bros. series. I don’t know about the Animal Crossing amiibos, but the Smash Bros amiibos you can become them, all 8-bit and stuff only though xD

    2. In Super Mario Bros. mode (8-bit), you can use a Mystery Mushroom. When Mario eats it, he turn into a) A random charecter you’ve unlocked, or b) The chracter you choose the mushroom to transform him to (by clicking on it).

      You can get costumes by playing the “100 Mario Challenge” and completing Event Courses. amiibo can unlock costumes too, but are not needed at all.

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