Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Sold Through Nearly 60 Percent Of Its Initial Shipment In Japan

We now have an update in regards to how The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD performed right out of the gate in Japan. The recently-released Wii U version of the Nintendo GameCube game sold through approximately 56.82 of its initial shipment between March 10 and March 13, according to sales tracker Media Create. Twilight Princess HD is now available worldwide, exclusively for Wii U.

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      1. Lol HD? Just retextures of the same game that again is already playable on the system…. No new modes (besides amiibo and that isn’t really all that new) models and side quest it’s just the same GameCube game…

        1. It’s slightly different with minor adjustment. The characters models have been added in details to their textures. More noticeable the clothing have received added bump-mapping. The ladder and climbimg animation has been sped up. Common found textures such as grass, dungeon flooring, vegetation, vines ect. have all been redone with new textures. But overall, nothing has been drastically improved

          1. “…The characters models have been added in details to their textures. More noticeable…”

            What I meant to say was that the character models have been improved with added textures. More noticeable…

            If the the character models didn’t receive some improvements they would be very off-putting next to the environmental texture Improvement. Another words, they would definitely stand out and look off.

            1. But overall, yes it is pretty much the same game. But didn’t really need any new modes to justify I’m HD release? I mean look at the PlayStation 4 releases… search history skinned games from last generation. But They Don’t Really require too much resources 2 do a re-release. It’s cheap to make then releasing a brand new game. It’s quick money in the pocket another words for developers.

      1. Ah yes, it’s been so long ago for me I can’t remember where I left off. I remember large barrel’s around. Maybe a huge bird? I can’t wait to get back into it!

      1. Im about to play x and i will buy other games later and i just bought several ds games and vita games and a 3ds game and a ps4 game off of ebay and will buy more but idk for which system or systems little kid richard

    1. The wii u’s issue isn’t that it has no games cause it does has some good first party titles. The problem is that nintendo is pretty much still relying only on first party title. Nintendo fans can slam on third parties if they want “We don’t need third party blah blah blah” But we actually need third party game’s as a gap filler. Nintendo first party game usually have a significant gap between them all so waiting for them to come can be a pain in the ass for most people; which is why the whole wii u having “no games” sparks up alot.

      Also let’s be honest some of these first party wii u games don’t have much replay value and i know its hard to believe these but not everybody is gonna enjoy playing the same three games (Mario Kart 8, Smash4 & splatoon..seeing that they have the most longevity due to online) For the rest of the wii’s life cycle.

  1. Cuz it’s in the top 5 best Zelda games of all time!

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