Check Out This Hyrule Warriors Legends Content Infographic

We’re just days away from the launch of Hyrule Warriors Legends in North America and Europe, and excitement is at an all time high. However, some gamers might still wondering how the 3DS version stacks up against its Wii U counterpart. For those who weren’t following all of the announcements or haven’t read our review, Nintendo has released an infographic to alleviate the confusion, which you can view below. Hyrule Warriors Legends launches in Europe on March 24th and in North America the following day. Which feature are you most looking forward to?




      1. The story is exclusive and new features wii just get characters :/ it backwards actually that the handheld beats the console but leave it to tecmo to scam it’s consumers

        1. Well, yes… The story and My Fairy are exclusive, but they mentioned the dlc. I suppose that means the new fairy stuff would be unavailable, but a lot of the dlc will definitely be available.

          It might’ve been better for them to work on a completely new story and make an entirely new game as a sequel or something to keep it from running into that problem, while still keeping some old stuff without making it the old game, but ah well.

          Personally, I’m happy it’ll be on the 3ds since I get on it whenever and haven’t been on the Wii U as much. I’m mostly offset in hearing that the Old 3DS version is that much worse.

            1. No probably about it. If not for us buying the game on Wii U, there WOULDN’T be a 3DS version.

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