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A New Update For Hyrule Warriors Is Now Available On Wii U

To celebrate the upcoming release of Hyrule Warriors Legends, the original Hyrule Warriors has been given a new update on Wii U. Available now, update version 1.8.0 adds the option to unlock five new warriors – Linkle, Skull Kid, Toon Link, Tetra and King Daphnes – as well as Ganondorf’s new Trident weapons. To unlock the new content, follow the instructions in the image below:

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28 thoughts on “A New Update For Hyrule Warriors Is Now Available On Wii U”

  1. Well wiiu gets 25% of the attention. But why would I pay another 20$ on a game I spent more than a 100 on at least before we got new characters modes and missions but now we only get characters.

    To be fair they could’ve resold the base game without the dlc and it still would’ve sold, not slap the wiiu owners by giving all the dlc wiiu owners had to pay for to play and have the new characters from the start.

    Smash did very good working in the dlc but this is a mess.

        1. Because Nintendo is hoping people impatiently wanting the stuff for their Wii U version will go out & pay 40 bucks when they can get it for less later on as Wii U DLC.

  2. Wow. They almost had me til I actually read the image. I honestly thought they were going to give the characters to the Wii U version for free even though they announced they’ll be paid DLC later on, changing their minds about screwing over the people that bought the game on Wii U by giving the Wii U DLC away for free to people that buy Legends.

  3. So basically, the patch notes/notification was a taunt.

    “You buy the 3DS version? Good for you, my little monkey- here’s your reward.”

    “Oh, not going to support the kick-in-the-balls that is the 3DS version? Keep waiting then.”

  4. Dear Nintendo,
    My forefront apologies for this rant, but this particular business practice is making it very difficult for me to keep wanting to support your console. I purchased this game, with the knowledge of how fun it is and then you add some great features to it like new map modes, Twilight Midna, Young Link, Ganondorf’s Fury, ect. Then you make the questionable character choices of some additions that are borderline ridiculous, and “Good Job” on adding random anime to Legend of Zelda. There are too many useless characters in the game already and adding more doesn’t help. The characters the fans do request are eventually put in…on the version that current players of the game don’t have. Is the 3DS so bad that you result to bull crap like…I don’t know…making the new additions for the Wii U available only if the person bought the SAME game for the 3DS? When did it become the norm for such actions to be the Go-To in this situation? There has been a fearful shift in the gaming industry for console corporations to simply regard the customer as an It-With-Money rather than a Person-In-Need. The biggest issue that that its happening without enough persons crying out what is wrong. This right here is a gateway problem that will only lead to further insulting issues and future BS DLC debacles. When did it become okay for a game to be chopped up and sold separately rather than having a full game sold that came with everything? Too often do I check for DLC for a new game because it, unfortunately, is not sold as a complete game. I check to see what was deliberately left out and how much is being charged for the rest of the game I already purchased. I never imagined back in the days of OG Nintendo and PlayStation that my games wouldn’t be sold as complete games. Why? Because morality and customer appreciation were still a priority and greed hadn’t completely consumed the offices. Nintendo, you have one last chance for me. Don’t screw this up, and I hope you have a productive day as you try to come up with more stupid reasons to squeeze money out of your (already) dwindling support market.

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