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Rumour: Nintendo NX Is Slightly More Powerful Than PS4 and Has ARM Architecture?

It’s a new day which means that it is time for yet another Nintendo NX rumour! This time the information comes from Reddit user stimpak_vendor who claims he works for a AAA development firm that has access to Nintendo NX development kits. stimpak_vendor claims that the platform is slightly more powerful than Sony’s popular PlayStation 4 system and also uses ARM Architecture. Here’s what he had to say about the matter.

Our devkit’s controller:

  • Doesn’t have an oval screen. Ours is a standard rectangle.
  • Has physical buttons with a screen behind them. It doesn’t have a form shifting screen, nor does it have a touchscreen with haptic feedback.
  • Is hardwired to the devkit, which looks like a boring black box with some USB ports and a disc drive.
  • However, that fake does get a couple things right. It does have scroll wheel shoulder buttons, but in addition to them it also has two regular shoulder buttons labeled ZL and ZR. It also has a headphone jack in the bottom of the controller.

Some other things I can tell you:

  • I don’t know if the NX is backwards compatible with the Wii U or 3DS or not, but it doesn’t look like it is. The system is different enough from both that I think it would be hard to play games from other consoles.
  • The controller is sort of a game system in its own, but it’s not a replacement for the 3DS. It works like a companion app on a phone, and you can take it with you and control some things from your game, like how the VMU on the Dreamcast let you take a Chao with you and train it.
  • No one outside Nintendo knows what the NX’s name is. It’s still the NX here internally.

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75 thoughts on “Rumour: Nintendo NX Is Slightly More Powerful Than PS4 and Has ARM Architecture?”

  1. Unless he has someone varfies him as a real (actually works for the developer ). I would for now take this with a big grain of salt.

    1. Pretty hard to do that, for anyone to “prove” any if these rumors would mean they would be breaking their non disclosure agreement. Costing them their jobs. It’s just a rumor though, and hopefully Nintendo shows something soon.

        1. Im right there with you. I will say this though, with every rumor, more and more people take notice of Nintendo, what they are doing, and why they being so secretive with whatever the hell they are doing. So im happy that Ninty is back on the spot, you know, other than for something negative.

                1. Hes kind of right. Let’s say it is real, and I actually think it is. It would be expensive as hell. Computer’s now a days cant run 4k games under $1000, so that alone tells you a price point. Even a dedicated home console made by the best hardware engineers would still be expensive.

                  What I think it might be is Sony’s usual iteration (slim) with 4k streaming capabilities, and maybe even a 4K blu-ray player.

                  Even if Sony were to take a HUGE loss in it, it would divide their install base and piss so many people off.

                  1. I’d agree with you… IF they weren’t releasing the very expensive VR headset thingy. Since they are, I wouldn’t see going for 4K with their next console out of the realm of possibility just yet.

                    1. That’s different though. PS and PS VR headset put together is $800. It would be suicide releasing a console of that price. Even $600 is a bit of a stretch. Wasn’t until after price dropped that the PS3 really started to pick up. If it didn’t, Sony would’ve been in deep trouble. I don’t think they will take that risk again.

        2. “Doesn’t have an oval screen. Ours is a standard rectangle.” Ummm WTF. Like the original NES?

          “…nor does it have a touchscreen with haptic feedback.” The original rumor was never that the screen would have haptic feedback , but instead the C-Sticks.

          This rumor is Bogus.

          1. Rectangle screen, not controller. (Presumably, esp. given the context.)

            The haptic feedback part (as well as the oval screen, actually) was probably in response to the “leak” (the one where the guy actually made a model NX controller), which had as part of the rumor a haptic-feedback screen IIRC.

            I’m not sure how this disproves the rumor (although it should ofc be taken with a grain of salt to begin with).

            1. Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. I really really like the idea of the haptic c-sticks.

              I just really hope Nintendo “chooses” to make something incredible here. We all know they can. The real question is: will they.

              1. If they are doing what they promised and have been working on this system for as long as they said they’ve been working on it, I think this could usher in a new age for Nintendo once again.

      1. Unless he has someone varfies him as a real (actually works for the developer ). I would for now take this with a big grain of salt. Yes k have read it before.

        1. I’d have to agree with you. It seems to be picking up traction online but that could be due to the fact it’s quiet because of the Easter weekend.

      2. Very interesting stuff.
        Off the subject, my brother said that on the news last night, they said that Nintendo was going to end production of the Wii U at the end of the year due to poor sales etc. WHY WOULD THE NEWS SAY THIS, DAYS AFTER NINTENDO ALREADY SAID THIS WASN’T TRUE?

        1. If it’s Fox News who said this, you already know that they are full of shit with their “journalism”.

      3. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

        -||Who cares, just give me warrior games and cast out the majority of the civilian menace||-

      4. I’m tired of all these rumors. Feels like every other day there’s a new one to add to the list. It’s getting old..

        I just want Nintendo to say something at this point. Not much longer til we get concrete information.

      5. More powerful than PS4 and have ARM architecture? There is NO WAY the could be true. It can of course be more powerfull, AND have a ARM CPU in there, but there is no way the system is stronger than PS4’s APU through a mobile-prosessor.

      6. I think the mouse wheels would be cool, but the fact he says it has them(refering to that fake) is a knock against the legitimacy of it all.

      7. I’m not getting it. It sounds complicated. I’m happy with my 2DS. Also this Friday after bowling, my sister and I are going to pick up a vita for me. I know the vita isn’t popular in 2016, but I love it. <3

      8. Eh. This comes what, 3 days after the “leaks” were revealed fake? It just sounds like the person is trying to capitalize on those fakes popularity like, “Wait guys, THOSE were fake, especially the things you hated most but MY information is real”. The timing seems suspicious to me.

        This rumour at least seems more level-headed. But if the touch screen controller is just for companion app stuff rather than a replacement for the 3DS (and actually play your console games on the go) then what’s the point? “Look, you can play small mini-games outside the house” uh… who cares? That’s a poor justification for what’s likely another $100 controller. Not to mention developers will almost certainly be turned off again. Maybe not since this actually has power (and if it sells) where the Wii U did not.

      9. This doesn’t sound right. Unless Nintendo somehow thinks the aging 3DS has more time left in it, it must be a replacement for that system.

        Also, no BC for Wii U and 3DS? I’d riot

      10. Probably not good enough to out last the next iterations of xbox2/PS4.2. So unless Nintendo plans to always release they’re system before the other companies in the hope’s to grab people’s attention, I can’t see this being a great thing. Kind of just feels like that’s how its happening. Idk.

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      12. I think Nintendo shot themselves in the foot by releasing their next console earlier than the competition. Now their doomed to remain behind whenever the competition releases a new console. Only way to fix it is to either wait out for the next generation or release something ridiculously overpowered which is doubtful. They claim they don’t pay attention to the competition but that’s just a cover, business has never worked that way

        1. It is very possible that the PS4 and XBOX will have as long as most if not a longer life due to the technology plateau it appears to have reached (in that at the current price point, we won’t see another from either for at least 4 if not 5 years… if that is the case, this is the perfect time for Nintendo to release real competition for those systems as it will still have time to get up on em… if Nintendo hits the right marks, then the system they release after that can be only about 2 years after the other companies, and will be able to pass them in tech and be even on the time line.

          1. That would be great but thats only if this current generation lasts as long as the last which was unusually long. Of course nobody can predict that but we can hope for the best i game a lot on Nintendo platforms so I hope for that

            1. Right, it would be nice. The other possibility is that the NX is something the other companies are waiting for as they plan for PS5, XBOX ONE squared or whatever that will be… There will be some copying, but really, gaming is in a weird place. Only 3 major console companies, but more platforms than ever and whether people like it or not, tablet/mobile/handheld games are what kids play most, so Nintendo’s foray into the market and trying to find synergy with their home console is the right move, but to what degree is the question. They get a lot out of the least powerful tech it seems, but I am flummoxed by the rumors and some of the recent moves, like why a New 3DS with another hand held coming so soon? Must be that different experiences can be had from each and by the look of some indie games, “better graphics” are not always the big draw

        2. I don’t see why that would doom them but I do see how that would actually help them a really lot. Because at the moment if Nintendo releases the NX soon then they can grab everybody’s attention without worrying about Xbox Two or PS5 taking over. I think it could give them an advantage.

            1. He drew a picture of exactly what the gamepad look like. He also got caught on reddit. He said it had DDR5 Ram which does not exist. He was given a chance to correct himself by given the option if he meant GDDR5 or DDR5 and he still said DDR5. They caught him on other things as well.

      13. No touch screen?? Ok fuck EVERY SINGLE FUCKING THING ANYBODY TELLS ME ABOUT THE NX… E3 is well on the way anyways I’m just going to wait and see.

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      15. – “Companion app” similar to the Dreamcast? That worked out great for Sega.
        – Not a replacement for the 3DS, but “sort of a game system”? Yeah, ok. Hurrrrrrrr.
        – “Slightly more powerful than the PS4”. So, a bit more power from something that is coming out about 3 years after the PS4. L. O. L.

        Rumors are rumors, but Nintendo has done stupid shit before, so I can totally see these being accurate.

          1. See last sentence of my other post. Hurrrrrr.

            Leaks have turned out correct before, and like I said – this wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo has done something completely idiotic. Nor probably the last.

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