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Turok 1 and Turok 2 For N64 Are Coming To Xbox One

Night Dive Studios, who are the team behind the recent Turok remasters on the PC, have announced today that they’re bringing both Turok Remastered and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Remastered to the Xbox One. The development studio says that they are currently evaluating other platforms, but the only ones that have been confirmed thus far are PC and Xbox One. You can check out a trailer for the PC version, above.

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37 thoughts on “Turok 1 and Turok 2 For N64 Are Coming To Xbox One”

      1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

        -||You are only picking up Atarian bones, the Xbots are erased from existence||-

      2. Me too!! Can’t wait! I still have My N64 turok cart. Between Perfect Dark, Bad Fur Day and a few others, my X1 has been becoming my N64 Virtual console for the games I played the most. The Nintendo IP’s such as Oot are on my N3DS, so… Fewer reasons to hook up my N64. Now if I could get Armorines….

          1. Oh yesss. I do. Working my way through Perfect Dark. (the first one) to unlock all the bot mods and weapons.

            My N64 is quite operational…including hardware expansion and a ton of cartridges. :]

            As said in my previous post, if I could get Armorines on a Virtual console, and Rogue Squadron.. Oh amd Pod Racer… Fuck. I guess I’ll have it forever. Lol.

            1. I hope they left the multiplayer of Conker’s Bad Fur Day in Rare Replay. I’ve spent countless hours on those death matches of squirrels vs evil teddy’s. I’d love to do it again. Haha.

              1. They did. Teddies Vs Squirrels in all it’s blood ‘n Stuffing gory glory. All multiplayer is intact for all the Rare games. Local of course, like it used to be.

            2. Yeah. I want the original Pod Racer. Pod Racer Revenge is crap. I hate sequels that, instead of expanding on the predecessor’s stuff, removes the things that should have been upgraded/updated. I miss the Garage & watching my little droids do funny stuff while fixing up my Pod Racer. D:

                1. I have it on my PS4 because I preordered the Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Darth Vader PS4 & got a code for Racer Revenge, Bounty Hunter, Super Star Wars, & Jedi Starfighter. Of course, I ended up deleting all but 1 of them from my PS4. Bounty Hunter is the only one I kept as I never got to finish that game years ago, so I must finish it this time.

              1. Man I still have my pod racer cartridge; rogue squadron too. If there was one thing that was done right on the 64 it was star wars games.

                Now the N64 sitting on my shelf is looking more enticing by the second. I might have to break out a controller.

      1. Idk about that. Skyrim has a first and third person mode. But the combat in that game is pretty much designed entirely to be in first person. You can go to first person but it will suck if you try playing like that all the time. Far Cry Primal works pretty well in first person.

      2. I have to agree with HollowGrape. Most third-person shooters I’ve played have been ok at best. (Gears of War, From Russia with Love, and Quantum of Sollace come to mind.) I also tried to play the Elder Scrolls games in third person first because I thought they would play better and they just didn’t. I’ve done first person ever since.

        Splatoon is the only TPS that comes to mind right now like I really like. I can’t imagine trying to play games like Goldeneye, Metroid Prime, or any COD in third person.

    1. I always thought the controls were a bit clunky. I’m hoping they get cleaned up with the remaster tho. :)

    1. Turok was a Nintendo 64 title. Nintendo fans might be interested to know where they can pick up the virtual release so people like me don’t go untangling old wires when we need an N64 fix. :]

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  2. ………. They better fucking put these on PS4, damn it! I don’t have much hope for Wii U releases, sadly, because I’d prefer to play these on a Nintendo console for old times’ sake. :/

    1. “As for a PlayStation release, Night Dive didn’t commit to anything.”

      “We’re evaluating other platforms but can’t confirm at this time”

      Sounds like you will be waiting for quite some time or it just isn’t going to happen at all.

      1. If these become exclusive to Xbox One, I guess I now have two more reasons to get an Xbone when it’s cheap. Rare Replay with 6 games I loved on the N64 & Turok 1 and 2 would make 8 games for the Xbone. That’s a big enough of a number for me to justify getting that console at a later date. If I add Scalebound to that number, that makes 9 games. Yeah. I’m getting more & more reasons to get a 3rd home console this gen.

        1. Hah gaming on multiple platforms is a great thing. You miss out on less games. Also, if you want an Xbone, they deceased the price even further to $300 now. And I’m guessing that means used ones will drop even more than that now as well. Sounds like you won’t have to wait too long for a cheap one after all. Lol.

          1. Yeah. Don Mattrick did quite the number on Xbone. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went & bought a share of the Xbox brand when it’s price in the stock market went down because of his bullshit.

        2. XBone’s have had some amazing deals, especially being pressured by the success of the PS4. (well, success being relative I suppose.) I got a 1 tyrabyte, Gears of War HD, BLOPS3 and two other games for about $399. .. Holiday special or some such. If you’re not as Desparate as I was for a second game box, def hold out for a good deal. If you’re in the states, is where I got my deal. Hold out for a 1 terabyte box, 500gigs are pretty cheap, but you’ll chew through half that quick with system updates a nd a couple games. ;) – And if you have a WiiU, mayaswell keep it! You won’t get much, and with X, ZeldaU and Starfox, you’ll be glad you kept it!

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