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Video: Here’s Crash Bandicoot In The Style Of Super Smash Bros

The talented folk over at Smashified who take well known characters that are unlikely to feature in the Super Smash Bros series and transform them into the game are back again. This time around the team have wonderfully mocked up retired PlayStation all-star Crash Bandicoot who would undoubtedly be a fun addition to series. You can check out how they have done it, below.

29 thoughts on “Video: Here’s Crash Bandicoot In The Style Of Super Smash Bros”

  1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

    -||I’d allow this enemy to be invited to our arena so I can smash the Sonyans to oblivion to this music||-

            1. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

              Nah Man that just her repeatedly receiving organisms from dick. You saw wrong Quadrabitch.

                1. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

                  Ew we get man. Stop trying to show everyone your erotic dreams. We get it you want samus’ ass.

                      1. You are insane! I wanted a sequel to that series since 1990s but the creator of Ranma 1/2 can go back herself! XD

                          1. FUCK THE MANGA! XD Even the creator has said that all americans are fucking stupid and must’ve live in their mothers basement because DBZ? LOL

                            You’re blind if you respect that bitch of a magaka? XD

                            She’s evil and I wanna eat her up!

                            If Adult Swim can revive an old anime about a school chick who fell into a well and meet her boyfriend demon fox boy.

                            Why not, Ranma? BITCH! LOL

                            Fight me, Ranma? ;)

                              1. I wanna eat a hotdog? XD Come with me, my PC brother? I’m going to create my first PC mod for Pokemon in a few years. ;)

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