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Video: Pokken Tournament Honest Game Trailer

Ready to laugh? Smosh Games has released another hilariously accurate video in their Honest Game Trailer series; and this time the guys are poking fun at the recently released Pokken Tournament. Many aspects of the game are criticized, including the small roster, abundance of fighting game mechanics, exclusion of Pokemon-esque features, and the all-to-easy story mode that does not at all prepare players to battle hardcore players online. And, as is tradition, the video is concluded by re-naming the full roster of Pokemon the  most inappropriately appropriate names imaginable. You can catch the laughs in the video, below.


2 thoughts on “Video: Pokken Tournament Honest Game Trailer”

  1. Lmao, this was hilarious. But story mode is fucking hard as hell after you reach Rank A so these guys must not have played too much.. very entertaining video tho XD

  2. “From the developers of adorable creature cage fighting games, comes the franchise spin off so obvious it’s unbelievable it took 15 years to come out!” That’s GameFreak for ya. Always slow to do the most obvious things for Pokemon games.

    “Of all the 720 Pokemon, they picked a light fixture? What are you smoking, Nintendo!?” lmfao

    “In a story experience so lazy, it makes the normal Pokemon stories look like The Witcher 3!” The story is that bad? lol Wow.

    Yes! Was talking about “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” yesterday being one of Christopher Lloyd’s best roles & then that final comment straight from Lloyd’s character in the movie! xD

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