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Rumour: Monolith Productions Could Be Making A Game For Nintendo NX?

Monolith Productions, the team that created the well-received Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, has recently advertised for a Quality Assurance Manager for their studio. What’s interesting is that they ask that the candidate has the following certification standards.

Knowledge of certification standards for Microsoft (TCR compliance), Sony (TRC compliance), or Nintendo (Lot Check).

The team is heavily rumoured to be making a follow-up to the incredibly successful Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and it would be great if it appeared on Nintendo’s upcoming NX platform. No doubt we should find out for sure at E3 in June.


23 thoughts on “Rumour: Monolith Productions Could Be Making A Game For Nintendo NX?”

        1. This would be considered speculation not rumor. The guy is speculating they could work on something for Nintendo based on a job description. Also, he is speculating that there is a sequel in the works based off of stunt actress resume.

        2. If this turns out to be true I’m really loving the chances of the NX being very successful. A Nintendo gaming platform with constant 3rd party support and great 1st and 2nd party content is something that the gaming industry is afraid of

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        4. For a second I thought that when the title said “Monolith Productions”, I thought it meant “Monolith Soft”.

          Now that I know that it’s not the Nintendo subsidiary, my next question is this:

          What’s so great about Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor?

        5. Like the guy above me, I thought Monolith Productions was a typo til the article mentioned their highly successful Shadow of Mordor game, realizing they weren’t talking about Monolith Soft at all. Speaking of that game, I knew I was forgetting to add something to my PS4 library.

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