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Video: Nintendo Minute Unboxes Bravely Second Collector’s Edition

This week’s Nintendo Minute is celebrating the launch of Bravely Second: End Layer. Kit and Krysta take a moment to unbox the game’s Collector’s Edition. You can also enter a giveaway, which was discussed in the video, for a chance to win a Bravely Second Special Edition Bundle. To enter, you must tweet the following phrase to Nintendo of America’s Twitter account, “My favorite job in Bravely Second is _________ #NintendoMinute #SweepsEntry”, and fill in the blank with your favorite Bravely Second job. Three winners will be chosen at random.

Bravely Second: End Layer launches in North America on Nintendo 3DS on April 15th.


4 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Minute Unboxes Bravely Second Collector’s Edition”

  1. Wow…

    There is so much sexual tension between these two, you have to cut it with a chainsaw..

    The way he gazes at her and touches her hand, yearning for more, needing more…
    But he’s not going to get more, isn’t he?

    You see she wears the ring. And though she has made a promise to her true one and only ( Asian man in his early 30’s, works in accounting and has the sexual drive of a box turtle).. She desires him back. And she would soooo you know what, in an instant, if all he would say is the magic words..

    But sadly he will never have the sack to take the dive. Remove her from her unhappiness and trap she confined herself years back with a SOB that plays more video games then loving and giving attention to his own wife. And yet he could be that caring Caucasian male she really really desires. Just can’t pull the trigger..

    He walks away from that once in a lifetime , most pleasurable night he would ever know, dare I say most of us would know.. No.. Because he’s a standup kind of guy. And she reminds him of the Kyoto harlot known as Nintendo…

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