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GameBoy Zero Mod Can Play All Your Favorite Retro Games

The Game Boy has had many iterations from the Pocket, to the Light, to the Color, to the Advance, and beyond, but now it’s time to introduce the Game Boy Zero. Perfected by console modder, sudomod, the Game Boy Zero has the face of the original Game Boy, with the guts of the Rasberry Pi Zero, hence the name. Using Emulation station, the titular board allows the console to play your favorite classics from the NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and Sega Mega Drive/ Genesis. To make up for the comparative lack of buttons on the original Game Boy, the console also features two new face buttons, transplanted from the SNES, as well as two discreet shoulder buttons, which replace two of the screws on the console’s back.


However, sudomod’s favorite addition, and by far the coolest feature is the custom Game Boy cartridge. The unit  Frankensteins together a micro SD to SD  card adapter, the Game Boy’s cartridge reader, and the Rasberry Pi Zero’s SD card pads, which with a little soldering magic, turns a once single-game cartridge into an SD card reader for the console. If all that’s not enough, the modded handheld also trades out the 4 hefty AA batteries for a rechargeable lithium polymer battery which does well in powering the superior composite display that has replaced the old two-tone green screen we all know and hate.

So like me, you’re all probably asking, “Where do I get this!?” Unfortunately sudomod isn’t selling the Game Boy Zero anywhere, due to a lack of time and a desire to avoid Nintendo’s lawyer-rich bad side. But the good news is that the amazing modder is working on a step by step tutorial, showing you how to make your own Game Boy Zero, and will be giving away the console he creates while recording the tutorial! To follow his process or to enter the giveaway, make sure to visit sudomods new blog, here. If you want to get a good look at the amazing Game Boy Zero in action, check  out the video below.

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