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Rumour: Metroid Coming To NX This Year?

Tilmen from Tilmendomination has heard from a source that there’s currently a Metroid game in development for the Nintendo NX and it’s heading to the system at launch this year. Tilmen has heard that we will see the first trailer at E3 2016 and a special announcement on August 6th (30th anniversary). I think if this is legitimate then it’s safe to assume that it is being developed by Retro Studios who haven’t produced a game since the brilliant Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze in 2014. I guess we shall find out for sure at E3 which takes place in June this year.

Thanks, Tilmen

94 thoughts on “Rumour: Metroid Coming To NX This Year?”

  1. This rumor BETTER be true. Zelda isn’t the only 30th anniversary we’re celebrating. Metroid is also 30 years old.

      1. I don’t think it sounds fake at all. The last Metroid game we got was Other M for the original Wii. No doubt there has been a main series Metroid game in the making for quite some time now, as Nintendo is not going to just abandon one of its core franchises. If it doesn’t release this year, It will no doubt release next year.

    1. Yeah, the WiiU will sadly be the second console with no Metroid game.
      [Side Note] I believe there are a lot of cancelled WiiU games because NX will be taking them, a Metroid game is one of those.

    1. Of courses their working on Metroid. Like every core Nintendo franchise, main series games takes anywhere between 4 – 6 years to develop. (unless it’s a sequel where they can re-use assets.) Since Other M released in 2010, that would put the new Metroid game right on schedule. The timing of this rumor is no coincidence.

      1. What gave you the idea that it takes 4-6 years to develop? The only thing that legitimately takes 4-5 years to develop are Zelda games because they’re huge, free-roaming worlds. Most other AAA games take 2-3 years on average, Nintendo’s included. Doesn’t matter if it’s a sequel or from scratch.

        The producer admitted that it would only take them 3 years to make a new Metroid, but also inadvertently saying they haven’t even started it yet. So there’s no way we’re getting a Metroid game this November if they haven’t even started:

        “If we started for Wii U now, it would likely take three years or so. So it would likely now be on Nintendo’s NX console”

          1. If Sakamoto is working on a new Metroid game, hopefully it’s one to retcon Other M. I love the stories he gave us in Super, Fusion, & Zero Mission so I want to give the guy the benefit of a doubt & hope he redeems himself. I just hope he keeps Anthony’s appearance & personality, though, since he was one of the best things that came from Other M. That & I did enjoy the Ridley going through a metamorphosis subplot from something that looks harmless to something extremely dangerous. Speaking of metamorphosing from something cute to something evil & dangerous, I seriously need to get Gremlins 1 & 2 on Bluray!

            1. To be fair, Sakamoto only have us Fusion (a slightly disappointing entry) and Zero Mission (while it’s a damn good game, it’s also a remake). Super was mainly Yokoi’s (and Sakamoto’s wife’s, oddly enough) input. Anthony can stay, don’t know about Ridley. That seemed to be more of a one-game thing, considering how out-there the idea is.

        1. Actually he didn’t say it would only take them three years to develop a new Metroid. He said it would AT LEAST take them three years. At least, meaning a minimum of three years. In reality it would probably take them 4-5 years to develop a new Metroid game from the ground up. And I can assure you one has been in the making for a while now. And he didn’t inadvertly say anything. These people are very careful especially when speaking to the media. All he did was confirm that there was not a Metroid in the Wii U’s future. They are not allowed to speak about any future games that are currently under development, so even if he was working on one he would never in a million years tell a media outlet.

  2. That is the creepiest video I have ever watched about Nintendo content. This guy has some serious problems and due to the way he made this video I do not trust his information AT ALL! What a weirdo! People like that need to be banned from the internet due to spreading rumors that they made up in their creepy minds! That prediction is something everyone made so its not like this guy is using any facts on his own! HECK, I did predict to all my friends Metroid NX will launch with the console and my predictions actually have never been wrong! It is just when weirdos do a video like this they hope to state the obvious and gain credibility as a result and he has done NOTHING to gain credibility! So if there is a Metroid NX as a launch title, give the credit to me; Tetroy64

  3. well then i knew this is gonna happen but i think i believe the case that these’s rumors might be fake depending how some people believing about these’s rumors. they could at least give us more info about this and more proof to prove that this metroid NX might be real but i’m sure but whatever the guy is saying on the video, i’m really not sure about this because some people won’t believe this rumor.

  4. Any Rumor with Metroid in it is fake. Retro Studios sick of Metroid. They don’t want to work on Metroid. They want to do something else. They chose Donkey Kong for a reason.

    1. I’m not saying it as a fact. The only fact is Retro Studios chose Donkey Kong for a reason. The reason they said is they felt they had more work to do with it.

      1. Or they felt that Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze would sell better than a Metroid title would. If the Metroid Prime games would’ve at least sold 5 to 6 million a piece I think Retro would be breaking their backs to make another Metroid title. I think it has more to do with profits than Retro wanting to venture to other projects just because they’re bored

        1. Everything is not about sales. They made 3 Metroid games. I can’t say this for sure but seem like they want to signify a new franchise that is not already established. Monolith Soft would like to work on something other than Xenoblade as well. They too may be working on something different other than next Xenoblade.

              1. The way I see it, their next game is going to have Xeno- in the title just by virtue of being a Monolith game, but it will not be related to the -blade games in any way. I could be wrong, but that’s the impression I get, and it fits Takahashi’s MO.

                1. It could be an another Xeno title game. Sometimes developers just don’t want to be that they make one certain type of game. They would want variety in their cataloge.

                2. Didn’t Takahashi once say having Xeno in the names of his games is his way of saying this game is a Takahashi production?

      2. The chose DK for 2 reasons:
        1. They made 3 Prime titles in a row.
        2. They had leftover ideas from Returns that they wanted to include in another game.

        Those two reasons are moot now. It’s been quite a while since the last Prime was made (almost a decade now) , and a lot of Retro’s staff has gone. There are lots of new faces that have only worked on Tropical Freeze, or maybe not even that. I don’t see how Retro, as it stands now, can use being “sick of Metroid” as an excuse.

        1. They have expressed they want to do something different. That was said before and after Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.

          1. I replied to you with a link, but it seems it went down the drain.Trying again:

            From Retro’s CEO Michael Kelbaugh, March 3 2014:
            “You’re not going to find a larger bunch of Metroid of Metroid Prime fans than at Retro studios. We’ll be lucky to someday, maybe, work on another one. There’s a lot of people in the studio left over from Metroid Prime that are very passionate about Metroid… If the fans keep asking, then maybe we’ll answer.”


            All I could find about Retro wanting to use a different IP was Liam Robertson’s speculation about what Retro could be working on. He wrote he doesn’t think they’re making Prime 4, but doesn’t write off another Metroid title.

            1. So that’s where the other IP came from. Sorry, I recant my other IP wording since I like to use only facts. Thanks. Links always helps.

          2. Forgot to add: Miyamoto also went on record to say that the team at the head of Nintendo’s list of candidates for developing a new Metroid game is Retro. Between that and the previous statement, I can see the possibility. I don’t think it’s what they’ve been working on, but it would explain a couple of things, like the Federation Force fiasco.

    2. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

      -||Yes but they chose DK for that time, not forever||-

      -||Although I’m not saying that they will be creating Metroid games again||-

      1. Yes that is true but they also said they want to do something different as well. It could be another team Nintendo want to give Metroid too.

          1. Yes, please, a new Ice Climber after 30 years, taking the classic NES game and completely revamping it- as drastic a change as Uprising was for the Kid Icarus series.

            Then let’s see Sakurai leave them out of the next Smash because they “have no future.”

    1. Honestly, as long as it continues the story in an acceptable fashion from where Metroid Fusion left off, I wouldn’t care if it looked like Wind Waker. Actually, seeing a noir-ish, sci-fi game represented in cel shading would be pretty hilarious; it would sort of remind me of Invader Zim.

  5. Metroid is a great game to show the muscles of your new hardware and Retro had a new project on the Wii U that probably got cancel and brought to NX… so yeah, this rumor can be true and makes total sense to me but it still a rumor and don’t you think Nintendo is actually testing the water with FF? trying to understand if the Metroid saga can sell well, so what’s the point in make such a huge investment, in a new high budget game, before even understand if the saga has the right numbers and a wide enough public…

    1. If that is the case, another fail for Nintendo! You shouldn’t decide the fate of a franchise on a damn spin-off’s success. *gives a moment of silence for Chibi-Robo which was a victim of this stupid plan*

  6. If this turns out to be true, and it’s a real Metroid experience with all the required elements, we go back to pre-Other M Samus, and no cartoon chibi-style graphics, I can *somewhat* forgive Federation Farce. Somewhat- the chibi style is still a cardinal sin.

    1. -and you still ignore the fact Federation Force would probably not have worked well with realistic graphics. 3 huge, fully detailed mecha suit models, full size?

      You’re out of your mind. Even the graphics of Xenoblade Chronicles had to be dumbed down for the New 3DS, and that was a damn Wii game.

      1. Then it shouldn’t have been on 3DS to begin with. 3DS gets EVERYTHING; it’s the Wii U’s spoiled cousin. Hell, former Wii U-exclusive Hyrule Warriors got ported to 3DS much to the chagrin of many Wii U owners, including myself.

        And the 3DS, or at least the New 3DS, could undeniably do more realistic graphics without sacrificing much in performance- just look at Smash for 3DS, capable of running at a silky smooth 60 FPS with very few drops, and with very good graphics to boot.

        And Xenoblade’s graphics were not cut down by too much- it still looked decently realistic, still beautiful, and most importantly, still played very well despite its world size on a small cartridge.

        So yes, FF could have been made with more realism; more importantly, it could have been made to look like what Prime is, because that chibi style? That’s not Prime in any sense of the title.

  7. God, I hope not. I feel like Im the only one smart enough to see how garbage the Metroid games are. The absolute worst platforming, the Prime games turned into the worst FPS ever made, migraine inducing music and poor controls no matter what system it ends up on. And I honestly do not see whats so appealing about taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back; progress for a few minutes, get stuck at a roadblock, backtrack for double the time to go get a new item to pass the roadblock, go all the way back to said roadblock, repeat untill over.

    And I swear to god if anyone says its because they like the story, theyre fucking lying. Metroid doesnt have a story, dont act like it does.

    1. Metroid Prime isn’t an FPS game and shouldn’t be judged as one. Perhaps you should understand the subject matter before you insult it.

      As for the music, well if electronic music isn’t your thing then I highly doubt the music in MP will appeal to you. But saying it’s migraine inducing, especially the beautiful ambient sounds of Phendrana Drifts only shows that you’re a very sensitive strange individual.

    2. “the Prime games turned into the worst FPS ever made”
      It probably has something to do with the fact that they are not your average FPS games. That’s like saying Super Mario 64 is the worst brawler ever made.

      Besides, I don’t think you’ve played many platformers if you think Metroid games are bad at it. There’s a reason why Super and Zero Mission have such an active speed-running community, those games are tight as hell.

      1. Oh, you mustve misunderstood FPS. I meant First Person Scanner! Silly me.

        Also, the platforming isnt anywhere near tight, its floaty as fuck and the walljumping makes me want to smash my controller with a mallot.

    3. You do realize that is how ALL Metroid games are structured, right?

      I’m guessing you only played Prime 2 Echoes, easily the worst offender in the backtracking department, but still a very good game nonetheless- just ask Quadraxis here. They all have backtracking.

      And yes, many of us liked the story simply because of how much or how little you wanted to gain from it thanks to the scan visor. Want to play with no background on the game’s story (save for imperative tidbits like the artifact locations in Prime 1), or scan everything and dive into the intriguing lore of the world around you? Your call, do as you please.

  8. I pray to God this is true but it sounds it’s too good to be true. I mean a new 3D Mario title, Zelda Wii U port, Smash Bros Definitive Edition, and a new Metroid title? All at launch? I want to believe this so bad but I can’t just yet……Nintendo gotta show and prove this news because I would be mad as fuck if I get my hopes up and believe this and then be disappointed

    1. Rumors are never %100 true and you shouldn’t believe them until they’re officially confirmed/proven wrong. Nintendo has much more important things to deal with then going around and debunking every fan rumor that pops up.

  9. it may be true, it may be BS.
    this rumor comes from tilmen, the guy who says “do not support amiibo garbage” and in this video i see he owns a samus and a zero suit AMIIBO GARBAGE.

  10. Tanabe said that, and he’s only the producer of the Prime games. He can only speak about that series in particular. Sakamoto (Metroid’s producer) didn’t say that no Metroid game is being produced, only that he has no personal interest in developing such large titles as of now (he made Tomodachi and Miitomo). For all we know, a Metroid title might be in development, but it’s a safe bet that it won’t be Prime 4.

    1. I may not have had the best time with Fusion, but I’ll gladly take a new side-scrolling Metroid after 15 years to get the bad taste of FF and Other M out of my mouth.


        1. Other M the hope: it’s going to reinvigorate side scrolling Metroid in 3D! Other M the reality: why, god, why!? Why did he make this abomination!?

  11. Ugh! I made way more comments on here than I intended! Then again, I am a huge Metroid fan so of course I’ll go above & beyond what I intended! Come on, Sakamoto! Redeem yourself from the tragedy that was Other M & give us a reason to ignore Federation shitForce even further with a true Metroid experience!

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