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The Pokken Tournament 1.2 Update Has Region-Locked North American Users

It seems today’s Pokken Tournament update, which was intended to fix some exploits and bugs, created a major inconvenience. Players in North America were treated to a slightly different “1.2 patch” than the rest of the word, effectively isolating the region from the rest of the world. Many things will no longer work, such as friendly and ranked games, because North American users will not get matched.

The reason for this is the Shadow Mewtwo exploit. Players have discovered that Shadow Mewtwo’s light pillar in field phase operates differently in North American 1.2 versions of the game compared to the rest of the world. With two versions of Shadow Mewtwo now in the game, North American servers cannot handle the conflicting data.

North American servers have now gone under maintenance as of this article’s writing, so a fix for the error may be in the works.




  1. Doesn’t affect me cos I don’t play it online and probably never will (fighters are so difficult online) but for players that do enjoy online it’s like they crippled the game. I assume it’s only temporary until they fix the exploit but it’ll still probably cause an uproar among players.


      1. Little bit of game theory: dominant strategy- if you have an ultimate method of winning the game, you are always going to use it.

        That’s what makes balance in fighting games so important and fragile- every character needs to have an equal or at least near-equal chance against every other character; if a character has an infinite combo or something ridiculously exploitable, they’re broken.

        As someone who hopes to make his own fighting game in the future, I need to heed that.

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      2. I’m not going to indulge every detail (I need SOME secrecy), but I can tell you the theme: college students fighting each other on a college campus. Good guys! Bad guys! At least one cyborg! Memes! And the fate of humanity hanging in the balance!


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