Miitomo Has 4,000,000 Active Players And Makes $280,000 Per Week

More data has been released on Miitomo. Miitomo was downloaded over 2,600,000 times last week. Each day, the game reached an average of 370,000 downloads. Around two-thirds of the app’s downloads are on iOS, with the remainder on Android.

Miitomo has 4,000,000 monthly active users, which is called the MAU, and 1,000,000 daily active users, which is called the DAU. Because of this, the app’s popularity has almost reached the size of the country of New Zealand. An average user on a typical day has 2 to 3 sessions and spends a total of 7-8 minutes in the app.

The app receives $280,000 per week. This may be on an upward trend, as monetization is increasing and the app is now making $40,000 combined per day across iOS and Android. Roughly 80% of the revenue is from iOS and 20% is from Android. The app has an ARPDAU, or Average Revenue Per Daily Active User, of 3 to 4 cents.




  1. I admit. I’m an active user. But I talk to the same fucking few people every day. Can I talk to my Miiverse peeps? No. It so restrictive. How is it a social app?.dammit. another success for Nintendo that I don’t understand.

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      1. So, none of the people I know on Miiverse . -.- They should have let the app search and add Miiverse friends. Nintendo ducks at this social thing. X.x

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      2. New phone. Auto-correct is still learning how to curse like a sailor. I think you all K of what “ducks ” means coming from me. :]


      3. Maybe, but I can see *one* possible reason you can’t add Miiverse friends- the lax censorship (‘Finally, a Nintendo game without censorship!’ right?). My friends and I have been able to throw “fuck”s at each other since release- even funnier is the voice synthesizer says everything out loud, and pretty accurately too. Ninty likely doesn’t want their precious kiddies to hear that, lest we have another Swapnote fiasco.

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      4. I’ve got a question, and I’m not being judgmental or anything. I just have a very inquisitive mind and human behavior is one of the things that interest me.

        Why does it make it better that you can curse and swear without worrying about it? I’ve always felt it’s just as easy to say what I want to say in a… ‘less abrasive’ way I guess?

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      5. I’m a big believer in the saying “sometimes, nothing says it better than a good ol’ expletive.”

        That said, I also believe it’s possible to overuse expletives, but if used correctly, sometimes they get the point across in a way nothing else will, or at least draw attention. Sure, there’s always a way to say something without a single curse, but in a world that is sadly becoming more and more restrictive (for example, I love having my hair long but my job doesn’t allow it, because a man’s hair length somehow affects his work ethic, don’t get me started on that bullshit) and politically correct, sometimes it’s nice to let it loose before free speech gets taken away.

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      6. If you haven’t started cursing, hold off as long as you can. Once you start, it’s hard to stop. It’s way too much fun. ;D
        Not sure how old you are, but try not to swear, drink, smoke and eat your veggies! And dont let anyone judge you for not cursing, damnit!

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    1. That’s my issue too. I hate how you have to link social media accounts in order to connect with people! Why can’t they just let you look up usernames? -_- As far as I know, I haven’t found a way to just look up usernames manually >_>

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      1. They Don’t have the resources to spread that thin and provide the quality content we were used to. We’ve already seen this by the software they have been releasing.

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      2. They don’t even make the mobile games, DENA does. The reason the Wii U has had so few titles, especially in the beginning, is because Nintendo was caught off-guard by how much work HD games actually need.

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      3. The natural growing pains of moving to HD. Sony had the same problem last gen (I can’t recall M$ since I was just plain uninterested in the 360). Either way, new games seem to be picking up, slowly but surely. I mean I didn’t expect a Paper Mario game to be announce with a deadline of this year, this year.

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      4. I agree with both things you said,but it only makes matters worse.
        First, If they are not spreading thin, then they are deliberately changing how they develop software, which I find worse.
        Second, the fact they were so blinded by the Wii, their being caught so horribly off guard by HD was embarrassing and predictable.

        No more excuses. They need to get their shit together.

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      5. Oh, they definitely do. They’ve been releasing way too few games lately (and to make up for that, released remakes of old games instead)

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    1. I thought about that too, but I honestly can’t see them ever doing mobile only. Certain game experiences can only be created on a console. I do see how they could use the exposure of Smartphone games to get the word out for console titles and get some people interested that way.

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  2. Over 4,000,000 million active players? And Miitomo makes about $280,000 per week? Goddamn……it’s gonna be scary to see how a Mario based mobile app is gonna do…..smh lol

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      1. // The Xbotian homeworld must fall, its inhabitants shall be subdued. Initiate brainwash protocol RROD – They shall be known as NXbots once I’m done with them \\


      2. -||You haven’t been appointed by me nor proven to be a pure Nintendo fan, go away fraud until proven otherwise||-


      3. // Was beating you in Smash not enough, commander? Very well, I shall prove my worth in due time. I’ll be lurking in the meantime \\


      4. -||Prove that you are The Boy as he is the only one I deem worthy in Smash||-


  3. I’m glad Nintendo is seeing success with this. I personally hope this app gets people interested in the console games. Apps in general are a good way for Ninty to get word for things out to the general audience, imo. Like, a casual game with elements and characters featured featured in an upcoming console game would be a good idea… Like, say they released a simple puzzle game app with a Zelda U or Star Fox Zero skin to promote the game? I don’t like mobile games very much, but I do think they can help Nintendo gain some success and marketing momentum leading up to the NX release.

    Oh, also, Miitomo is actually pretty fun. It’s simple, but a genuine effort was definitely put into it :3

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    1. That was pretty much Nintendo’s plan with this all along. When miitomo was first displayed, people were upset that it wasn’t an actual game. But the purpose of it was to get people interested.


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