There’s Now An Accessory That Allows You To Use Wireless Controllers With Your NES

Retro game hardware manufacturer AnalogueNT has created the Retro Receiver, a $20 accessory that behaves like a BlueTooth receiver. The Retro Receiver allows you to connect wireless controllers to the Nintendo Entertainment System or AnalogueNT without any internal modification.

The Retro Receiver is a collaboration between AnalogueNT and retro-inspired controller manufacturer 8bitDo. Because of this, all of 8BitDo’s Bluetooth controllers are compatible with the Retro Receiver. However, there is also support for all PS3, PS4, Wiimote, and Wii U Pro controllers. If you wish to purchase the product, you can do so here.

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  1. At first I thought “Woo hoo! Now I can finally use my wireless controllers on my NES!” but then I remembered that I have a Retron 5 and it already works with my 8bitdo controller. Well, I may still get this anyway just because. :)

  2. New ways to play games is always welcomed. However experimenting with Ouyas and other, I’ve noticed PS4 will not work with anything I’ve tried. Also most bluetooth controllers have noticable lag that makes for hard precision requirements. The best setup has been Ouya + PS3.

    1. Did the NES even have any games that allowed for more than 2 players all needing their own controller? Sure, there were plenty of turn-based 3-or-more player NES games like Jeopardy (I recall Game Grumps played that), but I can’t think of a single 3-4 player action games. So to me, it almost seems pointless when controllers could just be shared.

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