Cartoon: A Fox In Space

If you’re a fan of Star Fox and cartoons (and who isn’t?) then you will want to check out this animated series titled A Fox in Space. The first episode is now up and it’s titled Don’t Call Me Star Fox and is wonderfully produced and entertaining. If you want to keep up with the project then I suggest subscribing to the channel. Here’s the first episode.

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Thanks, shuhei yoshito


  1. Fox: “No, I’m serious. Is this permanent? Is everyone just forever gonna not learn my name?” lol Best line in the cartoon! If Nintendo doesn’t get C&D happy with this, I look forward to the next episode.


    1. Their targets for copyright claims are usually very direct recreations or direct footage/audio usage. Things like this, meanwhile, aren’t as much their M.O.


  2. Having finally watched this, I can say this was absolutely worth the hype surrounding it. I’m now subbed to the channel and eagerly anticipating the next episode.

    Additional Note: I love their Wolf O’Donnell performance here.

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