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Nintendo Partners With Vans For Some Funky Sneakers

Nintendo and Vans have teamed up to create a range of funky new sneakers which will be available for purchase this summer. The new sneakers will go on sale in June and feature a range of designs from Mario themed ones to pink Princess Peach ones. You can check out some of the designs below with more currently being manufactured.

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37 thoughts on “Nintendo Partners With Vans For Some Funky Sneakers”

              1. Money is love. By the way? Which Pokemon artist do you think should do your avatar justice?

                I have to save up for some cash before I go spending and jazz. lol

    1. I thought it was only me since everyone was going on regularly about commenting their views. Freaked out.

  1. I knew about these a few months back but it wasn’t public yet. I’m going to grab a couple pairs because Nintendo.

    And this new layout for the site sucks, I’m on mobile.
    1.You can’t tell if someone responded to a comment or the article.
    2.Ads are much more prominent, were there even ads before?
    3. Looks empty and plain, no longer fun

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