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Nintendo Is On The Advisory Board For The Kid’s Game Awards

Despite the limited success of his previous Game Awards shows, Geoff Keighley is producing yet another gaming event that is targeting a much younger demographic–and a lower production cost. The Kid’s Game Awards is a completely digital show that will premiere later this year with an advisory board filled with big names such as Activision, Warner Bros. Interactive Media, and of course, Nintendo. With the Big N’s kid-friendly focus it will be interesting to see how many of its games take home prizes, and how many people scream bias. You can get a rundown of the show in the description below.

In October, DreamWorksTV, the kid-focused multichannel network that AwesomenessTV launched in 2014, will stage the Kids’ Game Awards, an interactive, all-digital show that will let viewers vote on their favorite video games (in the vein of Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards). The Kids’ Game Awards show will feature special appearances by celebrities, gamers, digital influencers and musical guests. For the Kids’ Game Awards, led by producer Geoff Keighley, AwesomenessTV has also lined up an advisory board that includes Activision, Nintendo and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.


7 thoughts on “Nintendo Is On The Advisory Board For The Kid’s Game Awards”

  1. I got an award for you: T rated Game of the Year that got Censored to be More Safe for the Little Kiddies (11 & Under) That have No Business Playing Such a Game in the First Place.

    1. I got around to looking at the support convo between male Corrin and Soleil that was drastically altered. It got replaced with Soleil being blindfolded and Corrin heightening his voice’s pitch to sound female.

      It’s not as absurd, or even as funny, as the original conversation was.

      Several characters, both from the adult and children generations, refer to themselves as or are called adults by others when they’re CLEARLY not (I’m lookin’ at you, Elise and Midori), and I get the feeling Charlotte was supposed to be like this game’s version of Sully from Awakening but was toned down far too much.

      NoA will feel our wrath if these ludicrous alterations continue in future games.

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