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Nemo Disney Infinity Figure May Come Without Power Discs

Originally, when the first images of the soon to be released Nemo Disney Infinity Figure surfaced, the pack included two power discs. Power discs are used to give characters power-ups, unlock customizations and special toys.

However, in a random turn of events, Amazon Japan, Canada and Mexico are now listing the figure without the inclusion of the two power discs. There is speculation on whether the discs are still included but are not visible in the packaging (ie. in the bottom of the box) but it may well be that the Nemo figure pack will no longer include the discs at all.

The only sure-fire way to find out is to check it out once the figure is released on June 17th.

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5 thoughts on “Nemo Disney Infinity Figure May Come Without Power Discs”

    1. They are out, but when they said they were out, they confirmed the Finding Dory playset and the Alice in Wonderland figures, both of which were basically complete and just waiting to be released, would still be released. The rest of Disney Infinity is cancelled, this is the only thing left that’s going to come out.

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