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Pokemon Sun & Moon Will Contain Multiple Islands

It would seem as though the upcoming Pokemon Sun & Moon will be spread across many different lush tropical islands. The information comes from the game’s official description which gives us tiny details of what to expect from the Hawaiian environment. Pokemon Sun & Moon launches in the United States on November 18th. Hopefully there won’t be complaints of too much water….

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will launch in the US November 18th, 2016 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Embark on a new adventure as a Pokemon Trainer and catch, battle, and trade all-new Pokemon on the tropical islands of a new Region and become a Pokemon Champion!


61 thoughts on “Pokemon Sun & Moon Will Contain Multiple Islands”

  1. This was pretty much confirmed by the fact that it is based off of Hawaii. However, it is nice to know for sure. I cannot wait for this game! I am loving the new art direction! #teamlitten #teammoon lol

    1. I can’t wait for this game either! Hopefully each island has different Pokemon from different regions. We might have an island that has just Kanto Pokemon and another just Johto Pokemon. I think that will be a cool idea! Of course the new Pokemon will show up as well, but it’ll be a small mix of one region and the new one.

      That’ll be a pretty cool idea, if it happens or not. :3

      1. For the sake of variety, I’d prefer if you could find new Pokemon on all of the islands. Or at least on all of the islands that are part of the main game. They can still have optional islands in the post-game with Pokemon from a single region only. That would be okay.

      2. Yeah! Each of the islands hanving isolated Pokemon would be pretty neat! In addition, imagine if each of the islands had a strong, seperate theme from the others! I’m getting super stoked just thinking about what is in store. And, judging by the size of the fairly large-looking city on the first island, we are in for a REAL treat with whatever the main big city of this game is! :O

        1. Ahh Kyushu! The home of the famous Tachibana & Shimazu Clans of the Warring States Period of Japan, aka Feudal Japan!

                1. At his current rate, I give him another day or two. Unless sickr has given up on trying to get rid of him.

              1. What if the Hawaii theme is being done as a way to fuck with the IGN person that gave Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire a 7.8/10 for “too much water?” If so, I give Nintendo & GameFreak 100% support for doing so! Take that, IGN & anyone else who complained about too much water! Hahahaha!

              2. Now watch as Tentacool appears all over the waters to fuck your Pokemon up.

                Glad I can relive my experiences with Pokemon Pearl.

                1. Least this time if your Pokemon get poisoned, they won’t take damage as you move around on the overworld. Hopefully they’ll have a mixture of different water Pokemon this time, though. But highly doubtful since GameFreak loves to pack these places full of fucking Tentacool, Tentacruel, & Zubat. Every. Five. Feet! D:

                    1. They removed that annoying feature in X/Y/OR/AS. Not sure if they removed it before those games, though.

                      1. I iked that feature. It was really annoying, but I liked the thrill of racing back to a pokemon center, not knowing if I would make it in time lol. Not to mention it gives a reason to actually carry antidotes. It was just something to add a bit more challenge to the game.

                        1. One of those cases where it’s fun for some but a chore for others. And you still need to carry antidotes. ESPECIALLY if you don’t want to have to rush all the way back to a Pokemon Center when you are practically half way through a very annoying cave because it’s not the trainers scattered about that cause trouble for you but the constant wild Pokemon & the puzzles in said cave. Maybe if Revives weren’t so bloody expensive, some of us would be less inclined to be annoyed by constant poison damage in and out of battle.

                          1. Well you’ll need an antidote if you want to heal the pokemon in question, but you really don’t NEED to heal that pokemon if you’re going through a cave or something since you have 5 more. Let’s face it. These games really aren’t so difficult that you should be relying on that one pokemon to get you through a cave. But it’s like you said, a matter of preference.

                          2. Not to mention the fact moves that actually have a high success rate of poison are spammed in these games.

                            1. Along with Confuse Ray… OH MY FUCKING GOD I DON’T KNOW WHICH IS WORSE SOMETIMES: CONFUSION OR POISON!!! *outburst of rage over* lol

                            2. I also hope it has enough double battles this time and rematches. It was quite stupid to put them on older Pokemon game rematches yet not on Y.

                              1. I miss being able to go to a specific location & have rematches with Gym Leaders we’ve already beaten.

                            3. I wonder how you’ll maneuver around the islands, like if it’ll be like Hoenn and you’ll have a boat for a limited time, or if you’ll get Surf early on.

                                1. Shame. It would have been nice to get Surf in the beginning of the game then allowed to pretty much have free reign of where you go in the game from that point. If GameFreak never intends to give us an open world Pokemon RPG on consoles, they could at least do it on 3DS instead. Not just Surf but Soar could also assist in this if they make it a series staple instead of just a one time thing in a remake.

                                  1. The people suggesting getting Surf at the beginning are forgetting that it’s also a 90BP move. Get it near the beginning and the early game becomes a cakewalk against anything that doesn’t resist it.

                                    If they were to design an “open-world” Pokémon game, I’d rather see them ditch HMs entirely and implement those abilities in either objects (surfboard) or Pokémon (any Pokémon that knows how to swim and is large enough to carry the player). Soaring would fuck up the level curve big time, I’m not seeing it.

                                    1. They could always turn Surf into the water equivalent of Soar where it’s not a battle move anymore. As for the actual battle move, just change the name to Flood since that’s pretty much what Surf does in battle is flood the battlefield to damage your opponent’s Pokemon. And I don’t see how Soar would mess up the level curve since going to an area you aren’t ready for is a suicide mission to begin with. Besides, Soar could remain just like Fly where you can only go to places you’ve visited at least once by way of land or sea first.

                                      1. In Pokémon? Hardly a suicide mision. Trainers can be avoided and, even if they are not, as long as you have wild Pokémon available, you can manage.

                                        An example: I pick the fire starter. It’s at level 17, recently evolved. I soar to a routr between the 4th and 5th gym. In that route, there are wild middle-evo grass types at level 28. With the help of whatever status condition, I take some of them down. After a little bit of grinding, my starter is at its mid-20s, almost 10 levels above the level-curve.

                                        Unless they revamp a couple of things concerning structure and put some unavoidable trainers that are actually hard to beat defending each route, I don’t see it. And if you can only fly to places you have already been it isn’t really “open world”, is it?

                                        1. I don’t see how not being able to fly to locations you haven’t visited by way of land or sea would make the game any less open world since you can still go wherever you please by simply walking or swimming/surfing there. That’s like saying an open world game isn’t really open world if you can’t fast travel to a new location whenever you want & have to visit the location before you can actually fast travel there. Fast travel is essentially flying to where you want to go while looking at a static loading screen. I’m merely suggesting that Fast Travel gets turned from that to a fun little side gameplay of it’s own. Let me ask this. Would you consider Xenoblade Chronicles X any less open world because you have to reach a certain point in the main story to get the flight module to allow your Doll the ability to fly? With that asked, it’s not like they have to allow you access to Soar from the get-go or even at the beginning or even the middle of the game. Just lock it behind a main story event that takes place at a point where you’ve most likely already explored most of the open world, anyway. (I hope I explained it better this time. lol)

                                          1. Open world games pretty much function on the principle of travel on the off beaten path at your own risk/peril.

                                            1. Or instead of badges keeping you from using an HM outside of battle, they can change it to where you need a badge to use the move INSIDE of battle. I prefer my former suggestion of making Surf like Soar & just giving Surf’s battle animation & everything to a move called Flood.

                                                1. This reminds me of something I’ve always hated about HMs: once you teach it to your Pokemon, that Pokemon is stuck with that move til you find the Move Deleter guy who is normally located near the end of the bloody main story & some, if not most, are weak as fuck, forcing you to have at least one Pokemon in your party to be an HM slave because you don’t want weak ass HMs taking up spots of more powerful moves for your more battle heavy Pokemon. Once free roaming started to become a thing in video games, HMs should have went from what they are now to what I suggested back then.

                                                  1. To be fair, HMs haven’t really been needed to progress through the regular route in recent games, or at least not so much as in previous installments. I think they still have their use, since they can lock the player out of optional paths and encourage backtracking for exploration purposes once you get them, but yeah, not so useful in the regular path.

                                                    Which reminds me: the originals, despite locking paths through many hard locks, had a certain degree of non-linearity. I’d like to see that back for sure.

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                                                3. Really excited for these games but GF just please fix online trade. I’m sick and tired of searching for a specific Pokemon only to find out that I have to give the owner a Dialga.

                                                  1. It is pretty annoying when you go online to get a specific Pokemon only to find people are offering you some beads for an island. (If no one gets this reference, clearly they don’t know their “Screwing People Over” History.)

                                                4. Completely agree. I remember years after the originals came out and after beating them about five times, I found out that I was completing the gyms in the wrong order every time. I always defeated Sabrina before Koga.

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