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There Has Been New Yooka-Laylee Screenshots And Info Released

Brand new Yooka-Laylee screenshots and info have been revealed on Playtonic’s blog. The team mention that the past year has seen the “Playtonic team tripled in size, moved office and quietly slaved away on what would become the final form of Yooka-Laylee”, which involve the screenshots you can check out in the gallery provided below. The team did admit that they’re not ready to reveal “the game’s final, day-and-date release plan”, but they did say that they’re “getting close”. The plot was discussed, along with the collectibles. The team explains that “the buddy-duo will purchase and unlock moves from the serpent salesman Trowzer, which they can choose to do in virtually any order that the player decides”. Two supporting characters, “the hapless, multi-limbed scientist Dr. Puzz and her traitorous former colleague Dr. Quack”, are also revealed.

Playtonic Games says more info will be coming in the new Edge Magazine on May 26, “on your favourite online channels and video platforms”, then at E3.


21 thoughts on “There Has Been New Yooka-Laylee Screenshots And Info Released”

  1. you have to say the game looks good and I really hope the game will be successful. It will be interesting to know which platform this game going to be release on cause from my understand and as someone mentioned I don’t think that will be a wii U game but more a NX launch game (if Nintendo plays their cards right).

  2. When this game is finally released, everone will have already forgotten about the Wii U and moved on to the NX! :P

  3. I wonder if that yellow thing in the first picture is a music sheet or story page. Maybe you have to collect them to unlock new worlds (kinda like Jiggy’s) or to learn new abilities. They could even be like Cheato pages and unlock “cheats.”

  4. I love how they can poke fun at how “polishing a game until it’s ready” was their practice at Rare, when referring to the initial October release month.

    I am SO excited to try this Toybox in July, especially since it seems to be a much bigger demo than the one they first teased. I wonder what extra content the + version will contain, since I paid for that.

  5. I’m hoping there is a chance that when Yooka-Laylee comes out, on NX most likely, that it does so well, Playtonic uses some of the game’s profits to buy Banjo & Kazooie back from Microsoft!

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