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E3 To Hold Public Event Called E3 Live

Good news for gamers as the E3 organisers have announced that there will be a special free public event called E3 Live which will take place from June 14-16th. The event won’t be held in the same location as the original E3 which is held at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. E3 Live will be at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles. If you’re interested the event will start at 5 p.m. PT on June 14th. Polygon reports that registration for a free ticket is required for entry, and that tickets grant holders access during a five-hour timeslot. You can check out the official website here for more details.


19 thoughts on “E3 To Hold Public Event Called E3 Live”

    1. Oh you’re a Texas boy too? My boy……I’m from Houston……representing and waving that Texas flag playa lol

    1. If you’re going to E3 just for Nintendo this year, you’re gonna have a bad time- all they’ll have playable is the new Zelda.

      I’m not saying Zelda won’t be worth it- just that Zelda ALONE won’t be worth it.

      1. Sadly, Zelda is probably all Nintendo themselves have left to show us for Wii U. Which is probably why they don’t want to show us anything of NX next month or the games it might be getting because then no one will bother going to the Wii U section. Smart move, Nintendo. Smart move.

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