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Rumour: Nvidia Involved With The Nintendo NX?

It would appear as though Nvidia may be involved with Nintendo’s upcoming next generation system, the NX. The news comes via Neogaf user Natedrake who claims that he has spoken to Emily Rogers at length about the recent rumours surrounding the Nintendo NX and found out that Nvidia is involved with Nintendo’s future hardware.

“Nvidia is involved with Nintendo’s future hardware”

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    1. Nvidia is a company which is generally known for producing Graphics processing units and its work with mobile computing and parallel processing. However, lesser known is that it actually produced its own line of powerful portable consoles (Nvidia Shield portable) for streaming pc games (among other purposes), but ultimately failed due to lack of games. It could be that Nintendo wants to do some work with them on a similar project, with Nintendo ensuring that there will be games for the system.

      here are some wikipedia articles

  1. Now that’s the best rumor I’ve ever read.

    “Nvidia is involved with Nintendo’s future hardware”

    Nice and simple. Just like that. One line. Awesome!

  2. I swear the unconfirmed rumors being spread around are worse than GOT’s Varys’s little birds! I’m god damn sick and tired of these rumors, regardless if they are true or false! Can we get some actual god damn confirmation on any of this crap! this rumor spreading fiasco is like reading about a bunch of annoying high school crap!

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                                1. How the fuck is Nintendo retarded? The company aren’t saying a goddamn word on the NX until later this year. You are the reason of your failures by keeping your expectations at the lowest. If Nintendo were to spill the beans on the NX and its hardware inside, Sony and Microsoft would have made a beefier hardware for their next systems.

                                  1. Of course my expectations are extremely low and sony and microsoft will be beefier by default lol the ps5 and xbone 2 will obviously shit all over the nx i can guess years before they come out and i have a feeling the ps4.5 and xbone slim will be better then the nx

                            2. To be honest, I don’t care whether or not Nvidia is involved with Nintendo NX. I care about games available to play, and Nintendo is the gaming company contributing the least for it.

                            3. I'm just an Animal Crossing

                              I just can’t wait for Nintendo to show and tell whatever they’re going to release next year. I think they should do so very soon if they want to create and build brand awareness and customer trust again.
                              It’s been too long. Every day that passes people are growing forgetful of Nintendo’s existence. Sounds crazy to us loyal fans that come to Nintendo news related sites everyday. But why are we hear every day? Because we are so thirsty for some Nintendo lemonade!!!!!!!!! Cmon Nintendo!! Throw us just enough to wet de tongue boss! Lil’ Timothy of the cay is dying of Wii u dehydration!!!!!!!!!

                              1. I do know how you feel. I’ve been gaming on Nintendo platforms since 1989. I grew up on Nintendo. So many fond memories, man… But they are no longer the only ones in my heart, and won’t ever have that position again.

                                They have been killing their brand themselves, getting less and less relevant to me, at least. I’m okay with it, though. I care about games.

                            4. So now rumor mongers are using other rumor mongers for their source information. Give me a ####ing break.

                            5. This would make sense alongside the rumor that the NX will have parallel processing capability since Nvidia is into that – and also since Nintendo is getting into mobile and Nvidia is also connected to that market. This could lend to some smartphone/console cross gaming possibly, which seems to be the direction that Nintendo is heading.

                              anyone who wants more info on Nvidia here’s the wikipedia link


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                            7. A rumour has it that there’s a rumour by Emily Rogers. You’ve gone too far, mynintendonews!

                            8. nVidia is powering the 3DS if I remember correctly. There is probably no doubt that if NX is a handheld hybrid of sorts, they will use nVidia. AMD is good and cheap, but they are not good in mobile factor. nVidia are.

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