Japan: A Second Splatoon Premium Wii U Bundle Has Been Announced

Another Splatoon Wii U bundle has been announced in Japan. It will include contents of the Wii U Premium Pack, a pre-loaded Splatoon on the Wii U, and the Marie & Callie amiibo figures. The bundle will be released on July 7th in Japan for 39,960 Yen. A gallery of images showing off the bundle can be seen below. No word was given on whether the bundle would be released in western regions.



  1. That’s 360$ which is way overpriced! Japan you got it rough! I remember when the Wii U deluxe bundle with Mario kart 8 (or was it smash?) and Splatoon was 250$ during black friday, stayed that way for weeks, and then was 300$ after Christmas until all the stock was sold out.

  2. Wait a minute. The picture says 37k yen not almost 40k yen. That’s only 335$ which is much less overpriced. I think you wrote down the wrong price ssf1991.

  3. Just in time for the game’s one year anniversary. The announcement, at least.

    I get the suspicion that Sunday, May 29th, the actual one year date, a surprise update for Splatoon is going to add something awesome. Anyone else think so?

  4. Splatoon is one heck of a game. I hope they already thought of Splatoon 2 while NX is in R&D.

    Off topic, who besides me is waiting for 2nd season of Scream?

  5. Scream season 2 starts today. MTV at 10pm. I want to know who helped Piper. I think Brook’s Boyfriend the school teacher is the killer. Why would Piper bust him out of jail? But then you have Jake who was stabbed and missed every major organ. Audrey is suspect numver 3. When the killer had her against the wall with the knife, Audrey said she blacked out. Those are my 3 suspects

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