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Miitomo Version 1.2.3 Available On Android

While usage of Miitomo is on the decline it’s still a fun application and Nintendo and DeNA are committed to supporting the app. The latest version is now available to download on Android bringing it to version 1.2.3. The release notes for the latest version state that they have “implemented feature improvements.” The application is available to be updated right now.

Thanks, Chris “the Mexican” Ford

7 thoughts on “Miitomo Version 1.2.3 Available On Android”

  1. Looks like I can’t keep getting Miitomo updates from, so I won’t be able to play much Miitomo until Nintendo actually releases the game here.

      1. Miitomo hasn’t released in Norway yet, so I simply downloaded the .apk file for the game from another website, worked with no problems. But now the website simply leads you to the app in Google Play, so I’m suspecting Nintendo asked them to remove it

  2. I haven’t been able to get my daily log in gifts since the last update. They just disappear every time.

    1. Oh good, so it isn’t just me that has that problem. That’s going to need a fix, fast- half the time the daily rewards are the only reason I open their precious app in the first place.

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