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Passwords Could Be Returning In Dragon Quest XI

You may have seen that the Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary Countdown Special took place a couple of days ago. There wasn’t too much to take away from the event as it was mainly a look back at the history of the established franchise. What was slightly interesting is that Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii revealed that passwords could make a return in the next instalment of the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest XI. Horii says that he is looking to bring back the “Spell of Restoration” in Dragon Quest XI which is the password system found in previous games. The password system allows players to resume their game and has since been replaced by traditional saving. It would certainly be an interesting development.

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    1. Yeah that’s how I took it like the old megaman games. Which would be incredible dumb, it’s an old archaic system and no way anyone would respond positively to it in this day and age where every game has auto/manual saves.

  1. i could get used to it but how about we get the title first before we bitch about it i mean we are only getting 7 & 8 on 3ds no mention of 10 only rumors at the moment

    so why don’t we Wait i know it’s tough but it maybe a fucking lame ass mobile game and if it’ that dont waste your money.

    unless your one of those idiots that’s on the phone for fucking everything!

  2. Unless traditional saving is still intact & the password system is there as a backup plan in case your data is lost, this is a very bad idea. Of course, this password system wouldn’t actually be needed if Nintendo had actually thought about a universal account system with cloud saves back during the Wii gen. Enjoy your ketchup, Nintendo.

  3. There are some benifits to a password system over a saving system, mainly the ability to play on pne console get your password, and then you can continue on another console. No company, profile, or console
    Imitations on where you can continue playing, if the game is on that console you can continue playing! I use that trick all the time with with Metroid on NES and GameBoy Advance!

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