A Mario Kart 8 AI Difficulty Mod Was Released

A new Mario Kart 8 mod was released that buffs the CPU’s difficulty in all settings. A list of the adjustments that were made is below.

  • “Easy” is based on Mario Kart 8’s Normal mode, with the CPU difficulty set to “0.92f”
  • “Normal” is based on Mario Kart 8’s Hard mode, with the CPU difficulty set to “1.015f”
  • “Hard” mode activates the buffed CPU’s, their difficulty set to “1.185f”, You’ll need to take near perfect lines, firehop, and make sure not to get hit. Their item accuracy is also vastly improved. The slower CPU’s have their difficulty raised from “0.5f” to “0.92f”, making it more likely for you to fall behind.
  • The accuracy of the AI items has been improved. Now they will almost always land a perfect shot at the Hard difficulty.
  • The AI will always Rocket Start on Hard Mode.
  • The AI will always land tricks in Hard mode.
  • The 200cc AI has been tweaked, they no longer bump into walls or fall off in “Hard” mode. This is apparent in courses such as SNES Rainbow Road and DS Tick Tock Clock.


Thanks, CM30


  1. Why is it that whenever a mod adds difficult it usually ends up as Kaizo?
    I never understood why the difficulty would be balanced around competitive/metagame.
    Let’s see:
    “You’ll need to take near perfect lines, firehop, and make sure not to get hit”
    “The accuracy of the AI items has been improved. Now they will almost always land a perfect shot at the Hard difficulty.”
    Seems like a good combination, if you want to end up with destroyed controllers that is.

  2. A hack mod where winning is impossible without performing a developer unintended elite-play almost-cheating maneuver perfectly for 3 laps?

    … Whyyyyyyy?? …

    Fire Hopping, like Snaking, just makes playing against people who are good at it Zero fun. Why are they even playing online? Once they take the lead, it is just as if they are playing time trial alone to them until someone uses a blue shell against them.

    I don’t understand why anyone would willfully take something already frustrating, make it WORSE, and call it an “Enhancement”. If you are already that good … stop playing. You Won. Showing Off just makes you a Jerk.

    How about … ‘No Thanks’.

    1. (On a tangental note: This reminds me of a random bit of trivia. In the semi-obscure old N64 racing game ‘Top Gear Rally’, there was a track in which you would time out before reaching the checkpoints and lose on the first lap, even if in first place … unless you took the shortcuts. Clearly, everyone who playtested the game only ever took the shortcut. Only with the fastest cars in the game was it possible to complete the first lap while staying ‘on track’, and following the same path as the AI, without ‘cheating’.)

      My point is … playing any game under the presumption that CHEATING is the ‘default’ and ‘correct’ way to play is Dumb, IMHO. I just don’t understand people like that AT ALL.

    2. On the upside … this mod theoretically creates a place for the insane gamers who insist upon mastering firehopped hyper runs of every track to get the challenge they are looking for OFFLINE, against unfair AI, and away from the rest of us just trying to have casual “Fun” together ONLINE.

      Let them drive like soulless machines against the soulless AI … as far away from the rest of us as possible.

  3. If you like Kaizo difficulty, this is perfect for you. But if you are like me & have a short temper, kaizo is not a good idea unless you don’t mind spending money on replacement controllers because you keep breaking the previous one. Considering how Nintendo didn’t want to give us a universal account system where our saves & purchases are tied to an account instead of locked to the god damn console, kaizo is definitely not a good idea because you might hit a point where instead of throwing the controller, you are throwing the console instead. @.@ You could say what you want about people should control their anger better but it’s always easier said than done when in the heat of the moment. Like a man beating his wife’s would-be rapist to death. “Stop! He’s unconscious now!” Yeah. Good luck stopping when all you see is red.

  4. Wait a minute. I’m not quite sure I get it. Mod is officially released by Nintendo? Or is it a hack? How exactly do you get the mode?

  5. What? This as to be fake, since I have played Mario kart 8 a few weeks ago in 200cc, and the A.I. still bumbs into walls, unless they just have not release the update yet, since they are debating if it his a good idea or not.

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