Splatoon: The Squid Sisters Are Coming To Europe

Splatoon fans at this year’s Japan Expo 2016 are bound to have a whale of a time as the Squid Sisters will be making their first European appearance. The event will take place on Friday 8th July on the Karasu Stage and will no doubt be an absolute blast to watch. The Japan Expo 2016 is held at Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.


  1. I don’t understand this stuff. I adore Splatoon, best game on the Wii U honestly, but I’ve never gotten the appeal of the Squid Sisters. The music sounds neat but–I mean, I dunno. When they do concerts and then Amiibo that do nothing but play songs and dances, I just don’t really get it. These types of things are not for me.

    Though, good for those who get it.

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