Man Sues Nintendo For Making Him Wear ‘Poorly Designed’ Donkey Kong Costume

Another week and another lawsuit for Nintendo. This time it involves Michael Oconitrillo who was hired by the company to dress up as Donkey Kong at a mall in Culver City, CA. Mr.  Oconitrillo says that the suit that he was required to wear was  “poorly ventilated and unreasonably and dangerously hot” but he was ordered not to take it off. Interestingly, Michael says that he has suffered ‘permanent damage, as well as mental and emotional distress.’ It shall be interesting to see how this one turns out!



      1. Lack of oxygen for extended periods of time can lead to brain damage. I dunno. He must already have brain damage if he thinks he can win a lawsuit against Nintendo.

        1. Lack of oxygen would cause you to pass out before brain damage becomes a serious concern. Sounds like this guy has a pre-existing case of DBGDS.

  1. From experience in being in a poorly ventilated costume (for Halloween), it can be hot, but not THAT hot, unless they decided to stuff him with blankets. I wonder how long he was actually in the costume…

  2. I think disney has the same thing going on, your not allowed to take the costume off around people, and they aren’t well vent either according to my cousin who used to work at disneyland

  3. simple lose some weight micheal (no more fucking junk food) then maybe you wont be such a baby

  4. A step-by-step guide on how to prevent “permanent damage” when too hot in a Donkey Kong costume.

    1 – Take it off


  5. That’s a lot of people defending Nintendo without considering his side of the story. May it sound a little ridiculous the permanent damage? Sure, but you don’t really know his situation.

    Just because it is Nintendo and you like to play games from the company, doesn’t mean that they are saints and they always treat their workers nice.

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