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My Nintendo Rewards Updated

We’ve all been keeping a close eye on My Nintendo and the rewards haven’t been amazing so far, but at least the service is being regularly updated. There’s new items to be had this week including 40 percent off Xenoblade Chronicles X (140 points) and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (110 points). If that’s not good enough then you can invest your coins in a new Vegas Entertainer suit, Monster Paw slippers, and finally a Super Nintendo T-shirt. Each of these items costs 200 Platinum points.


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  1. At first I was really excited at how easy it is to accumulate points with this new reward system…and then I realized the rewards are all Miitomo costumes and freakin eShop coupons.

  2. Nintendo has been sucking all around these past few years. Even their rewards program is suffering from suckage. So far, it’s been a complete joke! When a former Nintendo fanboy (still current in some ways) talks trash about Nintendo, you KNOW something is wrong.

    1. I was a Nintendo fanboy & I’ve been talking trash about them for at least a year now. So there was something wrong with Nintendo back at E3 2015. Maybe even before that.

    1. Oh wait. The US doesn’t even get new non-Miitomo rewards until July 1st. Well great. (Seriously, they just skipped a whole month of new discounts or anything for the US MyNintendo.)

  3. It seems My Nintendo simply is going to cater to the physical collector. At the very least the service itself works.

    1. It’s many steps back from Club Nintendo in almost everything, except functionality and actually not going down every time there’s a new item put up. My least favorite things are the separation of Gold and Platinum points, no end of year big reward, discounts only for games that people loyal to Nintendo already have, and the lack of VC titles being up for grabs each month.

  4. And no-one gave a toss. I’d like to see how many people have actually bought the games or coupons from My Nintendo. I haven’t spent any coins at all. I’m sitting here waiting for physical rewards.

    1. I grabbed Warioware touched with my platinum coins, i’m considering getting the twilight princess picross, but i’m not really a fan of picross. I’m also considering getting the luigi u dlc with my gold coins…

      1. I was thinking about getting Warioware Touched, but I don’t know if it’s my type of game. The Zelda picross game doesn’t interest me, especially as the Pokemon version has around the same number of levels but doesn’t cost anything if you play well and often.

        1. If you enjoy any of the warioware games i think you’d like it, it has a pretty classic wario ware feel, i like it better than game and wario on wii u, warioware smooth moves is still my most favorite of the series though.

  5. It’s probably going to continue being digital items, I don’t know why people are still holding out for physical stuff. I was planning to play Miitomo to get points everyday but the game got so boring and the rewards not worth anything so after I got Zelda Picross I haven’t really played much. It’d be nice if they’d have VC titles at the very least for rewards rather than specific game discounts and costume pieces for Miitomo.

  6. to me club nintendo was alot better it had better rewards i mean if they had rewards worth your time and points i’d of went all out but to me Nintendo is a shadow of it’s former self yes Zelda Wii u, Fire emblem , animal crossing and xenoblade can only do so much and the jump to mobile sorry nintendo but i hate to admit it once your big titles are out and the fad dies down you may go the same as blockbuster video

  7. *goes to My Nintendo* A better theme for Bravely Second: End Layer on America’s My Nintendo! The one I got as a pre-order bonus sucked ass. *checks the other new stuff* Damn. If my account wasn’t trapped on my broken Wii U, I’d take the 30% off Metroid Prime Trilogy for Wii U. As for the other stuff, no thank you.

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