Video: The Bit Block Reimagines Nintendo Franchises

Josh from The Bit Block is at it again! You may remember that he previously reimagined how Animal Crossing could look and work on Nintendo’s current home console, Wii U. This time Josh has gone one step further and has reimagined a number of other Nintendo IP and how they could look and work on the home console. The games included this time around include Mario Party, Mario Kart’s Battle Mode, Splatoon amiibo, and also a look at the future of Animal Crossing. Be sure to check out Josh’s hard work, below.


  1. It might not be news, but this is actually worth posting. What he’s done is amazing. Especially when we can almost all agree that Nintendo is lacking in many aspects. He brings all these ideas that a fan could dream of.

  2. While i like his work, I don’t like him. He is such a dick, when ever I bump into one of his comments . I remember when the smash direct happen he called sakurai garbage, for adding anything he liked, then deleted his comments after.

  3. Imagine if those were actual announcements from Nintendo, I’ll be hyped!

    It’s sad that he’s doing a much better job than Nintendo themselves. And it really hurts me to say it.

    1. Just be aware that a concept video is far easier to make than a fully tested game, though. It’s all very well making wonderful animations showing off concepts, it’s quite another thing to actually implement them in a game.

      To that extent, I can’t understand why this person is teasing later videos of ideas that will continue to go unimplemented. I don’t want to be teased about things I won’t get to play. T_T

      1. That doesn’t really make sense to me…it’s not like a 3D hologram in your living room. I’m sure it’s possible to add a fish shack, soccer net, an improved construction menu, or air balloon in a new Animal Crossing…or updating old Mario Party mini games with better graphics. It all looks completely possible to me.

  4. As cool as what he has here is, I don’t really like Josh anymore. This is basically shoving his opinions down our throats. And he is SOOO casual. He’ll only be “Make Believing” things he likes.

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