Wario: Master Of Disguise Will Arrive To The North American Wii U VC Tomorrow

The Nintendo DS title Wario: Master of Disguise is due to arrive to the North American Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow.

The title was originally released in North America in March 2007, and was the second Wario platformer to be released after Wario World for the Nintendo GameCube in 2003. Here’s the description from Nintendo’s website:

Wario never lets a get-rich-quick scheme pass him by. Wario has stolen a magic wand that makes its owner into a Master of Disguise! He turns himself into a master thief who uses disguises to help him steal everything in his path. Use the power of the disguise to explore, attack, and hunt for treasure. The all-powerful Wishstone awaits!

Wario: Master of Disguise will be available to purchase for $7.99.

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  1. I don’t understand why Nintendo doesn’t put these DS games which are already on the Wii U E-Shop on the 3DS E-Shop. I wouldn’t want to play any DS games on my Wii U due to them being made for dual screen. On the other hand I think I already own all DS games in physical form that I ever wanted. Missed opportunity from Nintendo I think.

  2. Oh… A DS game… Meh… Aside from Pokemon, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, & Chrono Trigger DS, the DS was a pretty underwhelming handheld for me. :/ 3DS couldn’t have came soon enough for my handheld interests.

    1. Speaking of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, they really should have delayed that game til they could release it on the 3DS. Releasing it late in the DS’s life did not do that game any favors at all. :/

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