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Has Sonic Been Hinted In A New LEGO Dimensions Teaser?

You may recall a month ago that we reported on a rumor that Sonic may be coming to LEGO DImensions. Well, that rumor just got very interesting. This is because a new teaser trailer went up for the game today that involves a ring being grabbed. The video’s description is even more interesting. It mentions that “when it comes to rings, you don’t get in Gollum’s way. Unless you’re the new guy on the block”. Tomorrow will be the day we find out who the “new guy” is for sure.


13 thoughts on “Has Sonic Been Hinted In A New LEGO Dimensions Teaser?”

    1. Wouldn’t be much of a teaser if it just showed Lord of the Rings, which has been in Dimensions since launch.

  1. SERIOUSLY, you all don’t even care what goes on with Dimensions?!! C’mon now!! Amiibo and LEGO Dimensions are probably going to survive the longest out of all the toy to life game figures. (RIP Skylanders and INFINITY :p )

    No lego has been posting these all week for a whole bunch of new announcements, of characters tomorrow (6/9/16), look at the video description they have on youtube ( ), and if you need more evidence of how long this has been speculated check out their youtube channel or this lego news site ( ). There was speculation even before the starter packs were first announced (September 29, 2015, was when the game came out, this list was published the 20th of Sept. )

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