Keiji Inafune Says The Mighty No. 9 Team Shares The Feeling Of Doing A Sequel “Even If It Doesn’t Sell”

Keiji Inafune recently took part in an interview with 4gamer about Mighty No. 9, in which he discussed the development of the game and talked about the team’s future plans. Inafune apologized to fans and Kickstarter backers for the delays, and says that the team is “moving forward” with an anime and live action film. Inafune also elaborated on the possibility of a sequel. Inafune said that development for a sequel is “already in our minds”. In fact, the team is so interested in doing a sequel that the negative feedback and threat of bad sales is of no concern. Inafune says that the team all share the feeling of “we’ll do it even if it doesn’t sell”. Feel free to leave a comment on if you would support a sequel.
Mighty No. 9 will release on the Nintendo Wii U in North America on June 21st and in Europe on June 24th.

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  1. Hopefully the sequel will have better visuals.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the graphics like the whiny fanboys do, I’m just saying there should be graphical improvements just so the whiners would shut up.

    1. There is a difference between bad graphics, and graphics that aren’t highly defined. Mighty No 9’s graphics are indeed bad. The cutscenes in Namco Museum looked better than these graphics. It just shows to me a lack of resource management or possibly just laziness.

    2. I’m not going to lie, I think the visuals are okay as well. For the price of the title it’s good enough but a sequel should definitely improve upon them greatly.

  2. That’s such an awesome thing to say! Much respect to them for that. Well from me at least.
    Also, I don’t really care about what people are complaining about and bitching about. I feel the only people who should be mad are the backers. Feels like everyone else is just joining the hate bandwagon. The game looks fine to me and I’m looking forward to it. I do have some problems with thw graphics but nothing making me completely avoiding it. That 2D art from a while back was concept art not gameplay BTW so damn stop referring to that as gameplay lol. I think its sad how he doesn’t have faith in his own game with all the hate its getting but its great to know the team doesn’t care and is still willing to make a sequel. That’s kind of an inspirational attitude to me.

    1. I thought most of the complaints were about how many times it got delayed. I don’t care to be honest. Maybe I would if I backed it. But I’m still looking foward to it.

      1. I clearly said I have some problems with graphics man 😑 its just so bad to me that I completely hate it. If you have a problem with then that’s OK but don’t make attempts to make someone feel like shit for disagreeing. Jeez lol

  3. These idiots nee to focus on their first game first before talking about another game, when this game barely look like it was coming out with all the money it had to make 3 mighty number 9’s.

  4. “we’ll do it even if it doesn’t sell” that’s a fantastic business strategy…

    But seriously, why are they even mentioning a sequel when they haven’t yet finished the first game? It’s almost as if they’re getting distracted or wanting to start a new again.

  5. “We’re making a sequel, and a live action movie trilogy, and a Netflix series, and a theme park, and a Mighty Burger 9 restaurant chain, and holding our own gaming convention. And delaying the first game again until 2018.”

  6. Welllllllllll….. As long as they get funding, nothings holding them back. I cant say I’m still hyped for this game, though, after all that stuff coming out about what kind of person Inafune is a little while back… not to mention all the delays =_=

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