Reggie Fils-Aime Has Arrived At E3 2016

Kotaku has already made it to the E3 venue, and it just so happens that a familiar face had also been there. Reggie Fils-Aime has made it to E3 too, and he even took the time to take a picture for Kotaku, which was uploaded to Instagram. Nintendo of America responded a short time later by making a tweet. Both the Instagram image and Nintendo of America tweet is embedded below.

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Just ran into this guy outside the LA Convention Center

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    1. Top of the list to punch in the face if you don’t mind getting arrested & possibly sued for battery, that is.

      1. “But, but, but the indie games they’ve shown today!” They don’t count because they aren’t published & developed by Nintendo by one of their dev teams, so no! Nintendo doesn’t have much to show!

  1. This E3 is shaping up to be somewhat underwhelming for Nintendo. Of course I’m looking forward to have some updates on Zelda U, but one game does not fill the E3 bottle. I don’t know what they have up their sleeves, but taking the last E3 into account, I don’t have my hopes up for something exciting.

    1. They just said they are gonna have live coverage of Pokemon Sun and Moon, and many more upcoming Wii U and 3ds titles, not just Zelda. Go a few posts back and you can read about this.

      1. Thanks for clarifying Nintendo’s plans. I’m curious to wait see how many upcoming Wii U titles are in the pipeline.

          1. Yeah, Zelda is going to be awesome, I think. But I’m pretty much skeptical on the support Wii U will have from now on. I mean, it hasn’t been supported for a while already… This is sad.

              1. It’s far from being mine. Probably one of the worst consoles I’ve ever had. I mean, the worst one, for sure.

                This is my opinion, though.

                I’m glad some people out there enjoy their Wii U — no sarcasm. I feel Nintendo didn’t make my money well worth with regard to the Wii U. I’m kind of mad on them. The NX — if I ever get it — will be picked up only in 2 or 3 years. Microsoft and Sony have been doing a better job when compared to Nintendo.

              2. It’s the games that make the console, and IMO the PS4 has way more to offer than the Wii U. Just this year alone we already have Dark Souls 3, Doom, and Uncharted 4. Later this year we get No Mans Sky! Not to mention last years masterpiece Bloodbourne and Fallout 4. Those six games trump anything the Wii U has released in 3 years… I actually love the Wii U, and I have nearly every game released, but no way no how is it better than the Ps4. Not even on the same level.

                1. I get the rest of the games you mentioned, but Fallout 4 is not even close to being a masterpirce. It’s not even the best Fallout game. It’s a step down from New Vegas (and 3, which I didn’t think it was possible) in every single way.

                  1. I never said Fallout 4 was a masterpiece. It’s absolutely not a masterpiece. Too many glitches and the graphics are not that good. But it was a fun game, maybe an 8/10. I was just referring to Bloodbourne.

                  1. Uncharted is not a masterpiece, not even close. Maybe a 7/10. Bloodbourne is though. If you don’t agree it’s probably because you haven’t played it yet.

                2. I guess its just up to what kinda games you like because out of the six games you mentioned Uncharted 4 is the only one i really think is all that good, No Mans Sky looks kinda cool though. I’m still trying to finish my backlog of Wii U games so i still have stuff to play, but it is sad that there is another Wii U game drought. Hopefully there spending this time making NX titles so there’s no droughts on that console, and from the rumors that really does seem to be the case.

    2. Yeah, it feels so strange, they usually promote all of this. Remember that Mecha-Reggie video two years ago? That was hype. Last year and this year at E3 will be sinilar in the sense that Nintendo will pretty much have 1 game to really show off…except last year they advertised this championship. So 2014: Mecha-Reggie 2015: Video of Reggie training for the championship event…2016…nothing. This worries me.

      1. Exactly. It seems that, at some point in the past, Nintendo internally developed the idea that E3 is no longer important, and that they don’t need to take advantage of the stage anymore. Pretty weird, indeed. If they kept doing directs on a regular basis, at least…

        1. Well, whether they were showing games on the show floor or the digital event, they always hugely advertised their E3 appearance. And this year, I see no effort to advertise it…and in this situation, one could say, well, they have their Nintendo directs, except they don’t. It’s very rare to see a direct around this time. Where is Reggie’s Zelda related video appearance. I mean, it’s ZELDA, do they not wanna sell this?? Something’s going on.

  2. Something looks different about Reggie. Almost as if this is a look-alike. But with that said, I can’t believe E3 is so close. I stopped caring when I heard the NX wasn’t going to be shown. And then suddenly time flew, and here it is. But it’s not going to be very exciting with only Zelda (Pokemon doesn’t count).


    I hate doing ALL CAPS but this is one of those posts/comments that honestly needs them.

  4. Oh and… REGGIE SUCKS!!! You can bet his puppet body with his puppet mouth is definitely ready to spew bullshit! …as always.

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