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E3 2016 Nintendo Treehouse: Yo-Kai Watch 2 Details – Including New Yo-Kai

The Yo-Kai Watch 2 title for the Nintendo 3DS has been showcased today on the second day of the Nintendo Treehouse.

The Yo-Kai watch “model 0” was also introduced on the stream, that isn’t available in North America until fall this year. The watch has new functions that differ from the previous Yo-Kai watch however this was not elaborated on at this time.

The stream introduced the Yo-Kai that is the equivalent of Jibanyan to Nate for Nate’s grandfather. The Yo-Kai Hovernyan had inflated over time and needed a hero to come along and remove a plug from him to return him back to his normal size.

The stream touched on the battle system which involves focusing on the weak spot of your enemy and managing your Yo-Kai team to bring down your opponent. The stream also highlighted new ways to interact with your Yo-Kai such as petting them.

A few new Yo-Kai were also introduced including Boyclops, Faux Kappa, Nosirs and Lie-in Heart.

The title also introduces the addition of multiplayer local co-op, which allows up to four people to play together in the game.

Here’s the trailer below:


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