Ubisoft Says Nintendo NX Will “Recapture Wii Players” Nintendo “Addressing Family Market”

It’s E3 and we still know next to nothing about the Nintendo NX, however Ubisoft’s Alain Corre has let on a tiny little bit more information. It seems like Nintendo is still continuing on its mission to recapture those players that had a Wii but moved onto mobile or PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with its next platform. Corre also reiterated that the company is addressing the family video game market. We will know more about the Nintendo NX later this year.

“We have always appreciated the relationship with Nintendo, the co-creation and the fact that they are really concentrating on quality – they have fantastic brands,” he told MCV at Ubisoft’s E3 booth in Los Angeles.

“And they are addressing the family market in a very different way, their own way, which we appreciate. We have done a lot of products and successes with Nintendo in the past, and we believe that the NX will recapture a lot of the lapsed Wii players. So we will see when they release it, but we are confident.”

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        1. And I would expect you to get your fucking head checked for holes you ignorant dumb bastard

            1. They could easily have a good controller, live the PS vita or the pro controller, but have a casual 1st party lineup. That is how they could bring over Wii fans, also maybe it could be backwards compatible with Wii/Wii u games and the pro controller and the Wii remote to satisfy both casuals and core gamers even with a gamepad 2.0. Even so, even if you don’t like it than don’t talk crap about it. Nintendo has some stupid fans, don’t listen to a different company when it comes to the NX, aka Nintendo’s savior.

    1. I agree..

      This attempt to “capture the family video game market” with the NX WILL be the death of Nintendo..

      They have dipped the final bullet in the blood of the casuals, and as they looked back at their fans and smile with ignorance, only to pull the trigger on their own face causing their teeth to blow out their damn heads..

      Nintendo did this to themselves… They shall not be mourned but only looked at with disgust and what could of been. What a shame….

    2. “We believe”
      and there it is, those two magical words that many people (like yourself) seem to be ignoring.
      Ubisoft knows about as much as we do of the NX, which isn’t very much at this point in time, and most likely Just Dance 17 was announced for NX going on assumption that people who like those games might be coming back for the Nintendo NX.

        1. Nah you’re just willing to jump at every single article involving Nintendo that is likely ain’t even true. Keywords: “we believe”

                1. Yeah that’s what Ubisoft believes. It will/might end up not being what you’re blabbering about in this article.

      1. Well its not just that, my big problem with the Wii U is the lack if support for it.

      2. Stop thinking logical you troll! Troll! Fucking hater! Fuck you! Ughhhh fucking hate you ughhhhhh!! I dropped my milk wahhhhhhh!

      3. Not to mention trying to make certain games family friendly. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is the latest victim of this with the censoring of that game they are doing. “It’s T for teen but we can’t have them seeing half naked girls! Think of the little kids under 10 that might play this game!” It’s T for Teen. Those little kids shouldn’t be playing it to begin with. If they are, it’s on the parents. Quit babysitting someone else’s children, damn it!

    1. I think all three comments so far highlight that this sounds like a bad idea completely, and looks like they are trying to go casual again. They don’t understand that casual gamerss.

  1. Dude, really? The Wii was a dust collected for me. I got it, brought games for it, players maybe a few times and ended up hitting my ps3 hard. Nintendo killed anything it had to do with their core fans with both the Wii and Wii U. This is going be what kills them off completely in my view.

  2. Is this really a surprise to ANYONE? If you were expecting Nintendo to make some generic PS4 knock-off, you don’t really understand how the company works.

  3. ||This doesn’t state anything…in any definitive way other than…their own assumptions…||

  4. Its over. when Ubisoft came., & Said “Wii Family” Nintendo is done finished. i’m moving to Playstation Or Microsoft this November. i’m done with Nintendo tired of this… Only game i’m waiting for is Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

    1. Ignorant much? Wii sold, Wii U failed to sell. They want NX to sell like the Wii. Have you forgotten Nintendo has always been aiming for family friendly content? Nintendo isn’t dead.

  5. Oh my goodness, calm down, did anybody actually read this. It’s a very vanilla statement that means = “Lots of people bought Wii’s, very few people bought Wii U.” “Nintendo wants those people to all buy NX” That all. And regarding “Family Market”; have you ever played a Nintendo game before? It’s almost all family friendly. We still know nothing more about the NX.

    1. Lots of family brought Wiis

      Lots of people for those Wiis didn’t buy content because they didn’t play their Wiis anymore.

      No one brought a Wii u because it lacked content.

      People buy PlayStation and Xbox because it has that. More with Sony since games are there and keep coming.

  6. Everyone is so ignorant and I opened this knowing exactly what people would say and there it is. God forbid having a system sell over 100 million units is bad. If I was a douche, I’d have a certain three letter response to this, but instead I’ll just cmt

  7. Wii was my first console now I’ve since then cought up on alot of old games, I don’t see why this needs to be a problem. if there was no wii I wouldn’t be a hardcore gamer now.

  8. I don’t really care tbh. As long as the games are fun, I’m happy. I do still hope its not what they do though because im only one person and most people don’t feel the same way as me

  9. If they return some ideas back to the Wii that could be a good thing. I loved how the Wii grabbed causal gamers AND hardcore gamers. Sin & Punishment, Mario Galaxy 1&2, Murisaki, Okami, are all games I adored.

    If nothing else we are seeing a third party begin to give support, even if it’s a dance game. That will grab console buyers and the more of those we have… the more games we will get both hardcore and casual!

    1. I think the NX will be more capable on handling the software in there markets and and I think the NX will beat off the PS4 and XB1 once it reavaled this year because I don’t think Nintendo will have enough IPs on recapturing the players from the Wii system because I don’t think fanboys don’t even play the Wii console anymore even so the console has been discontinued for a while.

  10. …I’m sorry, Ubisoft, but you don’t know what the NX will produce until it’s released. I suggest that you keep that belief to yourself.

  11. I love me some Nintendo. But the trolls may be right. Ubisoft showed several games at their press conference and the only one they went out of their way to mention was going to NX was the ultra casual Just Dance. That tells me that the NX isn’t in the ballpark power wise or easy enough to port to, for the bigger games. Now, this is just bad news in regards to getting 3rd parties. Nintendo will be able to support the NX on their own and I believe that was the goal all along obviously. So just like I find the Wii U to be among their best consoles ever, the NX should deliver…for people like me. It really just sounds like they are trying to get the casuals again though. I’m not sure they can as they’ve moved on to tablets and phones. Which means, Nintendo just doesn’t get it so it’s business as usual. As long as the NX can make games that look and run as well as Zelda BOW us fanboys will be fine. But prepare to be trolled for the next five years as we get no AAA games and sales suck. Also, prepare for the potential this is the last console they ever make

    1. Considering how Ubisoft believes nothing M rated will sell on Nintendo consoles, of course they’ll go out of their way to talk about the family friendly Just Dance game for NX. They’ve all but given up on trying to sell games like Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, Watch Dogs, & other M rated games on Nintendo consoles. That part aside, let’s hope some of you are wrong & this is just Ubishit talking out of their ass.

  12. I can’t believe that some of the people commenting can be this ignorant and misinformed especially when Kimishima himself said that the NX won’t be another Wii or Wii U. If the NX is indeed a handheld/home console hybrid platform I could see why he said that Nintendo is going after the ” family market ” because kids mainly are the ones who are playing handhelds while adults are mainly playing home consoles. All of this ” Nintendo is finished ” , ” I got a bad feeling about this ” rubbish is nonsense and is complete over exaggeration

    1. This community is the reason why I can never take some of the MyNintendoNews fans as seriously as Clinton supporters.

      It’s the blind sheep bullshit that’s been around for a million of years now.

    2. I read his statement as three separate things:
      1)They recognize Nintendo as a company that caters to the family market
      2) They recognize Nintendo’s desire to recapture some of the market (hardcore, casual, whatever) that they lost with the Wii U.
      3) They believe the NX will help Nintendo grow its market share in consoles.

    3. It’s Nintendo, though. It doesn’t matter what one guy said if the rest of the higher ups are against him. If you aren’t wary about this if only a little, I don’t think you know Nintendo as well as you think. Maybe they are wrong, though, and we have nothing to fear. Sadly, it’s still too early to tell if NX is going to be what we want or what we fear. No one is really right and no one is really wrong, either.

  13. the issue here is not sales! so what if the wii sold 100 million? how many games were really worth playing?

    who said nintendo has to cater for one set? why not both! if the wii was the wii u, it would have still sold 100 million! and guess what.. it would have sold way more cos all the third party games that went to the 360 and ps3 would have hit the wii u first.

    if nintendo goes for that hopelessly under powered machine style again, the NX is sure to fail for me. I’m not a casual gamer. I’m a gamer period! the Nes and Snes were not “casual” gamer machines. Build a system where games of all types and quality can be released.

    If zelda NX is revealed and the gap in visuals is not at least 3/4 of the Wind Waker GC to Wind Waker Wii U then Nintendo better sell 100 million to casuals. I’ll invest more money on steam and push getting the NX till whenever.

    i’m a fan…. not an idiot. If the company prioritizes casuals over it’s fans, it deserves whatever the out come is.

    1. Only around 10-25 Wii games were worth my time. :/ 25 Wii games…out of hundreds! That’s… pathetic, really. Get ready for the fanboys, though. They’s a comin’ to scream about how Wii was a bona fide success with no problems! …even though it clearly had it’s fair share of shit… But that’s fanboys for us.

  14. I have a good feeling. Zelda BotW is proving that we’ll have a regular controller on NX (no emphasis on second screen, can play on Pro Controller). Maybe they’ll be able to cater to both the Wii crowd and their core crowd. I’m not concerned about NX.

  15. The statement is really vague, and I don’t see how people are getting “New Wiii U” out of this article.
    I think this is him confirming that the Nintendo NX will have a handheld portion and a home console portion.

    Kids today play on mobile more (Nintendo NX Portable) and a large portion of adults play on console (Nintendo NX home console). So that’s what he could have meant by saying “Family”.
    I’m just going to wait until Nintendo actually reveals the system to me before I actually decided whether I should stay or go.

    1. I think the NX will be more capable on handling the software in there markets and and I think the NX will beat off the PS4 and XB1 once it reavaled this year because I don’t think Nintendo will have enough IPs on recapturing the players from the Wii system because I don’t think fanboys don’t even play the Wii console anymore even so the console has been discontinued for a while.

  16. If family market gets the NX to sell 100 million that’s fine. But don’t ignore the core gamers, Nintendo. That’s your life long audience you need to capture. Not families.

        1. You say that yet the new Zelda surpassed expectations before reveals. Nintendo is still capable of succeeding. You just don’t want them to. You got no faith. Smh.

          1. You’re right, I just don’t want them to…because they won’t. This is Nintendo, not Sony or Microsoft. They lost my faith and any hope of redemption a while ago. And meh, I’ve seen better elsewhere, but I’ll admit it did look quite good for a Nintendo game.

            1. You’re right they won’t win this “console war” because Nintendo doesn’t give a shit about the petty competition to see which console is better. Sony and Microsoft can dominate and raise expectations all they want because they’re gonna get to the point where they fuck up once they’re done. Nintendo’s doing what they want when they want and I can respect that.

              1. ||Once the corrupted filth…grows tired over the same formula…over and over…they will all return to us…||

              2. You mean the competition whose consoles have been making Nintendo look like an absolute joke? That would be stupidly unwise to “not give a shit” about their competition who are obviously way better at their jobs.
                “Nintendo’s doing what they want when they want”. Too bad it’s not about them, at the end of the day, they make money from us. If the majority of the gaming market doesn’t want Nintendo, they will die out eventually.

                1. Seriously. Nintendo needs to quit being so egotistical & thinking it’s all about THEM and THEIR wants. It’s clearly dragging them down. *thinks about Metroid Prime Federation shitFarce* Case in point. “We’re gonna show you why you should like it because we like it so you should too!” If Nintendo was a small business or a bar, their asses would have been gone by now.

                2. “If the majority of the gaming market doesn’t want Nintendo, they will die out eventually.” That is one bold assumption. At the end of the day, it’s only your opinion.

                  1. Correction: They will leave the gaming market if they no one wants Nintendo.
                    Of course. It’s only my opinion, my good friend paidenthusiast could learn the same :P

                    1. Yes it is an opinion. Really anything can happen since they’re basically a wildcard at this point. Everyone believed their e3 was gonna be bare bones yet Breath of the Wild had people screaming and it was most talked about thing from e3.

                  2. It’s not an assumption but a fact. If no one wants Nintendo, how the hell are they going to stay around when they aren’t making money from people actually buying their stuff? It’s like a king still thinking he is a king & has a kingdom when all of his subjects & people have fled the place, leaving his kingdom barren of life. A king & kingdom isn’t a king & kingdom without it’s people. So too is a business not a business without it’s consumers. That is a truth that many kings from the past have learned the hard way when they became tyrants & his people overthrew & executed him.

                    1. People still want Nintendo around and Breath of the Wind will likely increase that.

            2. So of you have no faith in Nintendo then why in the fuck are you on this site? Oh that’s right……you’re just an ignorant simple-minded troll who’s probably just reaching puberty and is upset that he can’t get a decent looking girl to even look his way so you troll the Nintendo because your the rest of your stupid ass peers thinks it’s cool too you mindless crowd follower. Go enjoy…..or may I say WAIT for your new Last Of Us game…….oh I’m sorry God Of War game you pathetic asshole

              1. Well if I’m not talking shit about Nintendo on this site, who else are you going to have these wonderful debates with? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ironically, mate, you seem to be one now hitting puberty judging from that small rant. I’ve yet to seen Nintendo prove me wrong. Considering Nintendo didn’t show NX at E3, makes me think they have something to hide about their new “oh-so-great” NX.

  17. I think the NX will be more capable on handling the software in there markets and and I think the NX will beat off the PS4 and XB1 once it reavaled this year because I don’t think Nintendo will have enough IPs on recapturing the players from the Wii system because I don’t think fanboys don’t even play the Wii console anymore even so the console has been discontinued for a while.

  18. The Wii nor the Wii U sunk Nintendo yet some gamers always talking about how Nintendo is doomed. Why do you care so much if you don’t like their system or games? Yet keep trolling every piece of news about NX so you can get off to whatever your heart’s content. True gamers don’t egg on destruction of a company, they help it to continue to flourish by posting suggestions on how to make it better. Provide a solution for once, no one wants to keep hearing how the Wii/Wii U is a duster for you.

    1. And you know this how? Oh you must be a developer who’s got a dev kit but is choosing to break the NDA and not even worrying about Nintendo taking action? And let me ask you this of Sony is sooooo confident in the Neo why didn’t they share the info on it at E3? Oh could it be that Microsoft took their soul when they mentioned the Scorpio will have 6 teraflops? Dumb ass troll and you know nothing about the NX or what it is so please learn how to troll better yet……learn how to make sense first in order to qualify to be a troll you ho LOL

  19. God fucking damnit nintendo stop trying to commit suicide and go to gaming therapy and get your head out of your asses. Dont you see the disastrous wii u and the success of the other consoles… The family market isnt there! They’re playing apps and letting there kids play the app of stroking some guys cock to see how fast you can make him blow! The family thing is gone to more convenient things like stroke cock on iphone! “Yes! Mommy 3 mins!” ” oh honey my high score is 30 secs, and i used my tounge! You suck at this game! Your grounded! Be thankful in a good mother and am teaching you! Dont you raise your voice at me mrs. 3 minutes! You disapoint me!”

    Anyway enough with iphone gaming and how parenting has gotten better since the iphone became more important than there own kids, a mother becomes more frantic if she misplaces her iPhone than her own kid lol!

    its the same thing with nintendo. nintendo snorting crack in the office running around naked and throwing shit at each other pretending to be donkeykong. Reggie is in the corner picking through his own shit in the corner eating his undigested remains.”Ohhhh! A green bean myamoto! Yum yum yum yum! What about nx? What about mother 3? We are going to stay with the loyal family market, ohhh look another green bean! Yum yum yum yum yum yum! Take your pants off, snort some crack, act like a monkey and throw your shit at me myamoto! Its a great time!

    Yeah i dont think nintendo has learned anything. Stop being retarded, you dont want family gamers anyway, new generation families are going to be retarded thanks to the iphone.

    Atleast they can give us a good zelda game before they kill themselves. Kinda sad nintendo is still trying to go to that market and forgetting the only reason there still relevant.

    Farewell nintendo

  20. Ubishit! Shut the fuck up before you jinx the NX! We know you just want the NX to capture the family market & casuals so your shitty Just Dance and and other family friendly shit can sell millions & put money in your little bank account! I love your Assassin’s Creed series & I might get Watch Dogs 2 but SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

  21. N64: Casual console loved for it’s core games, but didn’t compete well in part due to it’s target market.
    GC: Casual console loved for it’s core games, sold better than the N64 but still didn’t compete well due to it’s target market.
    Wii: Casual console that sold better than the GameCube but received a lot of complaints from it’s player base about being too casual and gimmicky.
    Wii U: Core console that ended up more casual and gimmicky than the Wii and didn’t sell well.

    “How can we make the NX sell after the failure of the Wii U?”
    “Make it even more casual!”
    “Great idea!”

    1. Most the Wii U’s exclusive 3rd party games have gone multiplat just cos there aren’t enough core games to sell the Wii U and third party devs gotta keep themselves out of bankruptcy somehow.

  22. The problem with the Wii was the casual garbage. I have nearly 400 Wii games now. But if I were to count how many of those games are actually good games, I’d probably only count between 15-30. And even THAT is being generous. I want a Nintendo console to mimic the NES and SNES. Not the Wii. I don’t mind if they’re trying to cater to ALL gamers. I just hope they’re not going to ignore the gamers who aren’t “kids”.

  23. Ehhh…sorry but if anything I’ve learned Ubishit is one of the biggest lying video game company’s out there. I’m not gonna believe a single word that comes out of them. This is Ubisoft just acting desperate because they want their precious Just Dance to sell like it did on the Wii. When it’s been recently selling like shit. Even Zombi U sold more than Just Dance.

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