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Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Was Most Talked About Game On Social Media


Some people may have thought that something like Battlefield 1 or the new entry in the God of War series might have been the most popular game this E3, but they would be wrong. No, it was actually The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that proved to be the most talked about game this E3 on social media. The data was dug up by Brand Watch and takes a look at discussions that took place on social media during 12–14th June 2016. You can check out their analysis in the handy chart, above.


45 thoughts on “Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Was Most Talked About Game On Social Media”

  1. Not like Zelda wasn’t good or anything, but this seems hard to believe, honestly. Not just Zelda being first, but everything else about the list doesn’t seem very realistic either. For example, I doubt FFXV would be so high in the list when barely anything (new) was shown. Why would Fifa be so high? Sure, it’s a popular franchise, but it wasn’t anything “groundbreaking” in comparison to many other things shown. Personally, I would have guessed Hideo Kojima’s new game to be on 1st place.
    Also, what’s that “based on 10% sample of overall conversation” supposed to mean? So the list is only based on 10% of all the social media activity about E3 games? How does this list hold any form of reason or credibility then?

    1. That’s how statistics work. You collect a random sample of all available data, usually between 10-15%, then you extrapolate that to the broader picture, which is too large to collect in total.

      That’s how TV ratings work, election polls, and any other statistic that gets updated regularly/quickly.

      1. Interesting, I wasn’t aware of that. I mean, I do know they can’t possibly evaluate 100%, but I didn’t know the used data was usually as small as 10%. So, thanks for clarifying. :)
        Either way though, I just don’t believe 10% of the entirety of conversations about the games shown at E3 is enough to determine which of those games “won” E3. A more general statement about the result would be more appropiate, I feel. But maybe that’s just me.
        But to further question the convincibility of this list, some games are in it twice, as someone has pointed out.
        Really just doesn’t seem very accurate to me, no matter how I look at it.

    2. Why would Kojima’s new game be more talked about than Zelda: Breath Of The Wild? Especially when it’s the first 1st party title officially confirmed for the NX and when no real gameplay footage has ever been shown of the game. Kojima-san is a well respected and legendary game designer but the Zelda franchise is far larger than any project he has ever done so it would certainly make more sense for social media to talk about Breath Of The Wild more especially when it’s gonna be the first open world Zelda game that’s built from the ground up for the Wii U

      1. Because the game was completely new and never seen before in any way? Because we’ve been aware of the existence of the new Zelda game for years now? Because we already knew Zelda was going to be shown, whereas there was no certain indication that Hideo Kojima would make an appearance to personally present the world debut of his new game? Because people were dying to get a first glimpse of said game? Because Hideo Kojima and the things that have happened in relation to him have been one of the most talked about topics of the gaming industry in the last months? Because the trailer of Death Stranding brought up so many questions and material for discussion, as nothing was explained, but entirely left open for interpretation?

        I didn’t say the things we saw about the new Zelda were bad. Kojima’s game simply had more surprise factor for me personally. Right, for me personally. It was my subjective evaluation of the situation.
        Also, nobody gives a damn about the WiiU anymore, so the new Zelda being “built from the ground up for WiiU” sure as hell had little to no influence on the game being a relevant topic. It was the gameplay mechanics and features of it, the game itself, and the changes that set it apart from previous entries in the Zelda franchise that made it so worth talking about. And it wasn’t the first gameplay footage we’ve seen either. Granted, it definitely was the most elaborate and advanced in terms of development, but not the first.

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          1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.}

            I wonder what Cereza is up to now.

      1. I’d say no. Sony revealed way too much on the horizon to say that the other two out-performed them. But focusing on Zelda alone proved to be a brilliant move by Nintendo. I think that Breath of the Wild can be named game of the show.

      1. It’s still not as great as it could, or should, have been. They just managed to not be terrible, so they are good at best.

        1. Was there anything in particular you didn’t like about it. I thought they did a pretty good job showing off everything that could be done in BotW. And they still showed off a good number of other games coming soon, including a completely new IP.

          1. Too many to list of the stuff I didn’t like so I’ll list the things I did like: Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokemon Sun & Moon, & Ever Oasis. Everything else was either for crap I don’t want like Pokemon Go aka Mobile Phone Pokemon, Color “Fuck the fans of the RPG elements of the first 2 Paper Mario” Splash, Star “Fuck the Board Game where people take turns like in Monopoly” Rush, and the countless indie titles that I just can’t get into because I can’t get into anything below SNES 16 bit graphics. Even then, not many 16 bit games interest me, either. I’ve sadly been spoiled by 3D models. :/

            1. I can understand that then. Those three titles were the only ones I was interested in too. Considering what I expected though, I was pleasantly surprised. I thought BotW was the only game we would get an in-depth look at since they said it would be the only playable game, so I was afraid the show was gonna be bare. But after seeing the amount of content they actually showed off for that game and how hyped people got from seeing it, I’d call the show a big success. I’ve seen a couple people say that they’re considering buying a Nintendo console because of this game.

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