Nintendo 64-Inspired Game Controller Revealed At E3 2016

8Bitdo has announced its Nintendo 64-inspired game controller at E3 2016. The gamepad, which looks almost identical to the original classic, is a Bluetooth controller that is compatible with PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. In case you were wondering, it does not work with N64. More info about this controller, including when it will be available for the public, will be revealed at a later date.


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  1. The N64 pad is one of my least favorite. It was never comfortable to hold. Such an oddball design. But hey, that’s nice for anyone that wants it. Hopefully it’s better than most 3rd party controllers. Every time I had ever gotten a madcatz controller as a kid, they never lasted more than a couple months. Guess my parents would buy it cuz it was cheaper. But in the end it’s just more money being spent lol.

    1. I agree. It was the oddest controller Nintendo ever produced (based on their standard controllers). I still remember holding the analog stick like a pencil when playing Mario Party games. And rotating it with my palm during certain mini-games. But yeah, overall, it was just awkward. It also looked more like a child’s toy than any of Nintendo’s controllers. However, I prefer it’s bigger D-pad over the mini ones on later consoles.

  2. Straight up rip. But I don’t care really. The N64 controller was one of my favorite. Everything from SSB to Perfect Dark felt easy and fluid. I still love my N64. Battle Zone: Rise of the Black Dogs! Good times….

    1. You’ve played Rise of the Black Dogs!? Finally found someone else that has played that hidden gem of the N64.

        1. If they ever remake Rise of the Black Dogs, they should really look to No Man’s Sky for ideas since that game has you going to different planets in an open world type of deal.

          1. Yeah, I was fairly excited for NMS and then I started to really dig into what would be going on, and the lack of player vs player/ co-op functions was a bummer. I understand, that at least its possible, but no easy accomplishment. At least that’s from my digging into PC version, due to my want of a new PC. Idk. It’s a totally gnarly game though no matter how you slice it. The idea is super intriguing.

            1. Of course, Rise of the Black Dogs would only have you travel to planets within our solar system. No Man’s Sky has you travel to dozens of planets, maybe even hundreds, across an entire galaxy. Considering there are 3 different factions in Rise of the Black Dogs, trying to do that & travel to more than 3-5 planets/moons might be too much time & money and it’d have to be pretty damn successful to justify that kind of time & money.

  3. I was ALMOST excited for a moment. I thought this was a Wireless N64 controller that can be used for WiiU … but that is the only thing it CAN’T be used with.

    As oddball as the controller was, playing N64 games on the Virtual Console with NOT a N64 controller always felt off to me.

    If Nintendo would just officially licence an entire series of “Wireless” Virtual Console controllers (not homebrew adaptors that plug into Wiimotes), in exact replicas of the original NES, SNES and N64 controllers, I would buy the Whole Set, just to have an ‘Authentic’ Virtual Console experience with my ever growing VC collection.


    1. You can get an adapter that “tricks” the Wii U VC into thinking you’re playing with a Classic Controller, when in fact, you’re playing with classic (original) controllers. Somewhat pricey, but they allow you to plug any Nintendo controller (NES through Gamecube) into a Wiimote and play “wirelessly”.

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