Rumour: Nintendo NX As Powerful As PS4 Neo And Announcement Due September

Another day and another Nintendo NX rumour! However this time around the rumour comes from French publication who are apparently one of the biggest French gaming sites out there. The publication reports that the upcoming Nintendo NX platform will be on par with the PlayStation NEO with regards to specifications and will be unveiled to the general public in September, around the time of the Tokyo Game Show. The site also reports that there will be several remasters such as Skyward Sword, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros. There’s also reportedly some third-party titles in the works by Square Enix and Capcom. It is interesting that the publication says that it will be on par with the PlayStation NEO when Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently said that the NX isn’t about specs but is instead about content, suggesting it won’t be a powerhouse.

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    1. You clipped the wings of that bird fast.

      Besides that, didn’t Aonuma say this E3 that remastering Skyward Sword was something they COULD do, or something to the effect? As in, they’re not working on it, but the idea is on the table?

      1. They acted like MM 3D was never even in development until the announcement even though it was being developed immediately after OOT 3D was completed. That, and TP HD was also in development for a while before the announcement. Him saying that about SS HD means nothing.

        1. But they never outright denied their existence, if memory serves. They just didn’t comment upon the fan’s petitions.

          Feel free to post a source that proves me wrong if you have one, but until then, I’m going to believe the man in charge.

          1. They never did for TP HD, but they teased the hell out of MM 3D. Easter eggs in ALBW while Aonuma refers to them (Google “Aonuma: Information About Majora’s Mask Can Be Found By Playing A Link Between Worlds” don’t think I can post links). The answer is worded entirely to tease fans. That, and the big thing was when Aonuma said they had to choose between making ALBW or MM 3D, even though they were making both at the same time. It might have been true when development started, but MM 3D was already well into development by the time that was said.

            1. That’s the opposite situation, though. With Majora, Aonuma was asked because of the teasers. He didn’t deny the title was in development before any teaser was made (again, if memory serves). With the SS scenario, people don’t have any tease to support the assumption that Aonuma is lying.

              Teasers + denying the existence of the game = probably a lie
              No teasers + “we’ve discussed the idea” = the truth

              1. Did he deny it, though? My understanding is, without looking it up again, that he just said that it’s a definite possibility. That doesn’t mean it is or isn’t in existence.

      2. Yeah but remember when Aonuma talked being in interested in making a Twilight Princess HD and how it actually came to fruition? I’m not saying that this a 100% confirmation that it’s happening but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. As for the NX be on par with the Neo I believe this could be very true. Companies like Take-Two and CD Projekt Red are already saying so many great things about it and both of these developers pride themselves on making graphically demanding games. We will see come September but I’m really starting to believe (and hope) that Nintendo has learned their lesson from last generation

        1. No, I don’t remember, actually. More specifically, I don’t remember Aonuma denying the existence of Twilight Princess HD nine months before its release, that’s my point. These are not similar scenarios.

          The CD PR thing turned out to be a joke, btw.

    2. Are they like the French Kotaku? This sounds, to me, like they just want to latch their latest rumor onto something they know is coming (PS4 Neo) to make it seem more tangible and easier to believe >_>

  1. First, just because Reggie said it isn’t about specs, but Nintendo is more focused on content does not in any way suggest that the NX won’t be a powerhouse. It just means that because the technical specifications are not the focus of Nintendo in terms of what makes a system good or bad, or what should move systems in the marketplace, that Nintendo will focus on the content. In fact, if the focus is content and in order to have the most top quality content from Nintendo and 3rd party developers, than it may suggest that the NX will be as powerful as the most powerful system with an architecture that makes development as “easy” as possible.

    The only people that flip their shit about the comment are the same naysayers that no matter what think the worst

    1. exactly! Nintendo never focuses on their system specs, whether they’re good or not. Reggie’s comments neither confirms or deny that the system will have really good specs. All he said is that what Nintendo will be focusing on is showing gamers the content that will be coming to the system.

    2. ||Someone with intelligence in here…that’s very rare…||

    3. True, Nintendo got seriously burned for their messaging about the Wii U’s power. They probably want to side-step the conversation completely instead of build up hype and expectations that will ultimately disappoint some.

      At the same time I don’t really know if I can trust this article. Why would they release a remastered Skyward Sword at the same time as BotW? I would think they would save that for a drought in Zelda releases.

      1. I don’t put too much stock in the article overall… I just know that the perception of the line in relation the NX’s possible power or lack thereof is the author’s opinion and one held by others, which I disagree with.

        I don’t remember talk of the WiiU’s power by Nintendo as being exaggerated or not, but I was not paying attention as closely either. As far as I do remember though, there were no official statements claiming something other than the final product we received

        1. They came out and said the Wii U was significantly more powerful that a PS3..I remember one article that even said it was something like 60% more powerful. Then as it were, it wasn’t.

          1. Well, it is more powerful than a PS3 as far as I know… and unless it is an official statement or spec list from Nintendo, then I am not putting that much stock into it.

              1. This is the exact quote, which has some positive spin, but isn’t exactly untrue either: “Other companies might launch a next-generation console with more power, but we don’t necessarily think that the difference between the Wii U and such consoles will be as drastic as what you felt it was between the Wii and the other consoles because there will be fewer and fewer differentiators in graphics.”

                  1. He didn’t say they wouldn’t be, just said that the difference would be significantly less than the difference from Wii to PS3/Xbox360, which it certainly is. Of course the PS4 games are noticeably better looking, especially in games where realism is a priority.

                1. Please don’t tell me Iwata said that. It makes him sound like one of those morons that thinks more power only effects graphics. :/ Or maybe I’m reading too much into the graphics part of the quote.

    4. I actually agree with you. But there is a part of me that thinks if Reggie knew the NX was on par with the Playstation Neo, he would wear that as a badge of honor and boast about NX’s power… It could be that he is not allowed to talk about specs, which im sure is the case….

      1. That’s what I think, in terms of Reggie not being able to talk specs. One of the reasons being that, at its most basic, discussing the specs alludes to hardware, likely customized hardware as has been rumored, and it has to be kept under wraps in its entirety. What would he say that would sell more consoles at this time, yet not reveal what are trade secrets? Processor speed? Memory? It just doesn’t matter till they are ready to unveil it. Actually, one of the things Reggie does here is put the focus on himself and what he didn’t say, as opposed to everyone criticizing the numbers; if they are low or “not right” in the public’s eyes or causing the other companies to change their strategy still a long way from the NX launch, thus giving the other companies the ability to have a rival system almost as soon as a year after depending on how much different those specs are and whatever the “new way to play games” that Nintendo keeps talking about is compared to their own development.

        So, either way. We won’t know details till the fall, but the rumors will likely build and even if some are “right” I think there will be a surprise at the end of this wait, one that could very well be “bad” because we have to keep that possibility in mind as we hope for the best.

    5. “Just because Reggie said it isn’t about specs, but Nintendo is more focused on content does not in any way suggest that the NX won’t be a powerhouse.”

      Good Lord, yes it does. That is Nintendo speak for “our console is going to be weak compared to the competition.” However, what it means specifically is that the NX will be as (or slightly less) powerful as current gen consoles, but not as powerful as Neo or Scorpio. That’s all. End of story.

      1. Let’s imagine that if the system is on par with the current gen or even Neo and Scorpio, then you are only taking that 1/3 of the pie if all things are equal, however, what makes Nintendo stand apart, is the exclusive content that the other companies don’t have and in that way, it is most definitely content that drives the market. If the system were light years more powerful, but didn’t have exclusive content, what would that matter? It wouldn’t. It also wouldn’t make sense to go too far ahead of the current standards because the 3rd parties will be working within certain parameters to optimize sales.

        You and I have no idea how the NX will perform technically, but this statement is not a tell as to how exactly it will turn out. Also, depending on what some might call a “gimmick” that has to be factored in because this also separates them from the competition, good or bad…

  2. I don’t trust any rumors but the last part in your article about what Reggie said doesn’t have any connection to the power of the NX. All it means is he will not talk about specs but he will talk about games. Not necessarily NX games but games announced.

      1. It could be seen that way, yes. But it is true that content drives sales not specs. But do specs drive content? Yes, they can, but as some have said, it might have been more the architecture than the power. But we know that

          1. Yeah, I see that. There could be the thinking that in the market now it has to hit a certain mark. One thing is, if Nintendo’s “new way to play” is attractive enough, essentially duplicating PS4 specs plus whatever is needed for the, what people will likely call “the gimmick”, then the specs won’t matter and the content won’t or doesn’t have to be coming in sheer volume, but in the games that are simply too good not to play. That is, of course, the wild card. If this were a straight up system like the other two and an attempt at a multimedia center like Xbox, I’d say an overpowered device would not make sense and would cost them big time. It simply would not and will not attract enough players with the IP alone. Sure people could get the 3rd parties now if they did it right and eventually the 3rd parties would start upping the ante in game design (which would mean, I assume, mostly better graphics as Nintendo does take chances in terms of game play innovation anyway) then the other companies would also play catch up and it would be this perpetual three horse race where Nintendo is not likely to overpower the other two unless the NX is so powerful that it equals what the other two companies have in mind, but that will then alter and over and over as gaming evolves into whatever it will be. If NX takes a different route, they have the chance to take over the market to some degree. I see the Xbox and Ps4 becoming more about integration and being an all in one multimedia device where the games are just part of it. The Nintendo tried and failed at that in part with the Wii U. It was a waste of time the TVii, and all this crap they wasted their time on. Strictly gaming. If they do that, it will be the best thing for whatever the NX is now and through the future. Dying to know what this fucking thing is already haha

  3. So I see we’re leaving the rumor phase of the NX’s development. This must be the phase where there’s such a lack of news on the NX that people start seeing mirages.

  4. “It is interesting that the publication says that it will be on par with the PlayStation NEO when Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently said that the NX isn’t about specs but is instead about content, suggesting it won’t be a powerhouse.”

    Hopefully Reggie is going with the philosophy that some companies have which is “under promise and over deliver”

  5. There’s no doubt it will surpass current gen. The doubt is will it keep up with other next gen consoles.

      1. It could happen but their is no history of that happening at any point of the video game industry history.

  6. This makes sense to me, September is what i have been thinking since they announced they weren’t showing it off at E3. As far as it being as powerful as the PS4 Neo, i think that’s a good possibility, I don’t know why, i just have this feeling. If not as powerful i think it will be in the same ballpark. Kinda like the Xbone vs the PS4.

  7. To be fair if Reggie was implying that NX won’t be the most powerful console that could be a reaction to Project Scorpio, which might even be more powerful than Neo (at least Microsoft believes it will). That said I could easily see NX falling behind the other consoles spec-wise. I’d love for this rumor to be true or for it to be even more powerful but I’m not getting my hopes up or truly believing any rumors about NX that don’t come with any concrete evidence/proof.

  8. A famous Nintendo insider had said a couple of months ago that NX would be on par with XBox One — the regular one.

    Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

    Who do we believe in?

      1. Right, pretty much that. Almost no one knows what the hell NX is and some people insist in stating that NX will be this, will be that… Tired of this BS already.

        1. This is why Nintendo needs to come out and clear the air in September and be very specific about the specs of the NX. They shouldn’t hold anything back just be upfront about it regardless of the outcome.

          1. Exactly. Although we don’t know yet when and how Nintendo will finally unveil the NX… :S

            All this secrecy sometimes makes me think the NX will be pushed back to the holiday season of 2017…

          2. i agree with you 100% soon they will reveal the NX titles along with the NX console but sure Nintendo is not trying to prove themselves to be more superior they are trying to prove the NX console to be more capable.

  9. I’d like NX to be as powerful as PS4 Neo cuz that should get it more third party games. But the only things of this I actually believe right now are the September reveal and Square Enix and Capcom making games for NX. All signs are pointing to Nintendo revealing NX in September.

  10. “The site also reports that there will be several remasters such as Skyward Sword […]”

    This is where the rumor stopped being plausable.

    “It is interesting that the publication says that it will be on par with the PlayStation NEO when Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently said that the NX isn’t about specs but is instead about content, suggesting it won’t be a powerhouse.”

    Implying that NEO will be a powerhouse, which it won’t. Scorpio will, but NEO will only be slightly better than current PS4.

  11. This has been known for awhile I thought. They use the same innards. The Scorpion on the other hand uses a different more powerful chip. It’s why developers have said they are happy with it. Because of this it’ll be easier to port to and there’s no gimmick to prevent 3rd parties from doing so. Microsoft is kinda screwed despite the very pretty Xbox1 S. They’ll be far and away the least powerful of the three until the Scorpion arrives and Sony and Nintendo will have head starts on it, especially the Neo with its built in PS4 install base. Yes the Scorpio is more powerful but it’ll be too expensive for most. They really should have just made the Xbox 1 S with the same chips as Neo and NX and dropped it this fall. Looking like it does it would have been finally on an even keel with Sony and had a head start on the NX.

  12. The same old Wii U shit again… Let’s not overhype, and so they won’t deliver less than expected. Just let them deliver a surprise, and hope 3rd parties deliver games.

  13. Yea, let’s make a rumour about a console we know next to nothing about as we have basically no officially confirmed info, and compare it to another console we know next to nothing about as we have basically no officially confirmed info. Sounds credible.

    People are so impatient. How about we just wait and see what Nintendo themselves have to say? There’s absolutely no point in questioning the validity of rumours, because in the end, they’re just that: unconfirmed rumours. Them turning out to be true or false will change absolutely nothing, because the point when we’ll find out is the point Nintendo will talk about it, so we might as well just wait and ignore the thousands of rumours emerging from everywhere.

  14. The September reveal part I believe 100% to be the case. Here’s why:

    Since Nintendo has resumed their video updates (Directs plus E3 coverage), they’ve released them in a pattern. Starting with the first Direct since Iwata’s passing (may he RIP), December, we’ve had a new presentation in the last month of every quarter/3-month chunk of the year. March came afterward, and then this most recent E3 coverage came after that.

    Following this pattern, the next presentation would land in September, and being 1/2-year away from the NX launch it’s the most likely time they’d be revealing the platform. This would also indicate we’d get a December Direct to close 2016, which I’d assume would mainly be going over the Wii U and 3DS’ library up to the launch but also touching on NX content. This would be followed by an NX launch Direct in March 2017, showing off content up to June.

      1. Nintendo do not usually go to TGS. There is some that like to say Space World but Nintendo changed the name and they have Nintendo World close to that timeframe of TGS.

    1. i agree with you 100% soon they will reveal the NX titles along with the NX console but sure Nintendo is not trying to prove themselves to be more superior they are trying to prove the NX console more capable.

  15. it was already pretty clear it would be more powerful then the current Xbox one and ps4. that said with the Xbox Scorpio and ps neo it now sounds like Xbox Scorpio well the most “powerful” of the 3. and of course this makes it sound like neo and NX well be about the same.

    that said it sounds like NX well be more interesting then Neo as it seems to both be more conventional then the wii/ wii U. but also offer something where Neo at the moment seems to only offer 4K support (of some kind)

    xbox one- Scorpio currently is going to support 4K gaming graphics (as apposed to simply uprez) and also seems like it well offer other new features they well talk about later.

    man Sony really has its work cut out for it, so far PS VR sounds like total crap, even the head of sony said it was going to be a step behind ocuas (which is coming to xbox) not to mention it nothing going for it.

  16. I want to say that Reggie only said “it isn’t about power” as a form of early damage control. As in Nintendo gave in to the popular bickering of Wii U being weak and made the NX as strong as the Neo or something and that them saying what Reggie said is a form of telling us that yeah they gave in but they gave in for the content they want to create

    IDK that’s just me tho

  17. I instantly don’t believe this. They mentioned a Skyward Sword remake, but why have it during the launch of Breath of the Wild? And Anouma also recently mentioned it’s “possible”, which sounds like they are still only considering it.

    1. Just because it’s being worked on now (if it is), doesn’t mean it will be released around, or near the same time as BotW. It could come out during the Holidays of 2017, or sometime in 2018.

  18. “For us, it’s not about specs, it’s not about teraflops, it’s not about the horsepower of a particular system. For us, it’s about the content,” explained Reggie Fils-Aime.

    With that said Nintendo also downplayed the Gamecube and the NGC turned out being the second most powerful console that gen. Even giving the Xbox a run for it’s money. Nintendo can have a powerful console and still be about the content. Nintendo just wants to make content their priority. The power may not matter to Nintendo but it will to the 3rd Party Devs. Even if the NX was only as powerful as the PS4(not the NEO) lets hope that rumor about the Secondary Computing Device is real. It would probably make the NX twice as powerful.

      1. They had a hard time with HD development the same as most developers did doing 7th generation. Also, developing for 2 different platforms was spreading them thin so when third parties baled out, they had no help.

    1. They don’t have what in their R&D yet? Do you mean they don’t have their hands on a PS4 Neo? If so, the PS4 Neo specs have been widely publicized so it’s no secret what it’ll have in it. That’s should be enough to make a general statement such as being “on par” with it.

    2. No company knows. It just happens that way. A company is not looking at other companies during R&D. They are trying to figure out what they want to do.

  19. It’s been long rumored it was MORE powerful than the PS4 so I guess being on par with the Neo makes sense. Should the rumors be true that means the console would actually be at a similar power level to the other two. Xbox One is getting a more powerful model as well that will likely compete directly with the Neo. It’d be great to see a Nintendo system on the same level as the other two again. I feel like since the GameCube they’ve been “different” and less appealing to multi-platform titles, such as Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, etc. I do hope that the console is as powerful as the Neo because that’d mean we could see some phenomenal games like ones we only see released on Playstation and Xbox. Hopefully this system does live up to the hype, these rumors only add more expectation from people.

    1. it might be that but what about the PS4 they talk about?. they said its gonna be powerful like the PS4 and Xbox ONE but i don’t get why they said its gonna be more powerful like the PlayStation NEO.

  20. So wait… Is the PS4 Neo even confirmed to have a hardware upgrade? It might just be a slim version of the original PS4. I haven’t read anything on it, though, so I have no idea lol

  21. The ONLY Reason they did not make towns is because the wii u cannot handle so many NPCS – -‘ how can you make a Zelda game without hyrule castle

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