Camp Miiverse Will Return On July 14th

It was announced by NintendoTom that Camp Miiverse will be returning on July 14th, in which anyone with Miiverse access can participate in. All that needs to be done is to join the Camp Miiverse community area. The post explained Camp Miiverse, saying that the “week-long event will feature events based on popular Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games. And with every camp competition, we’ll play choosing a side in a team – so choose wisely”. However, this year, Tom says that they want fans to shape the camp. He said that we will be featuring popular games like Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon, but let us know if you have any great ideas on what teams should play against each other, and what game you would like to see featured and the challenge”.

Tom asks for fans to let them know their thoughts in the comments to the Miiverse posts and “you might see your idea being used in this summer’s Camp Miiverse”. The questions are “What team theme would work for this year? (like Team Mario vs. Team Link), what Wii U game, and its challenge do you think will be fun? (example: finish 1-1 in Super Mario Bros. with your fastest time) and what Nintendo 3DS game and challenge do you think would be fun”?


Thanks, RMan 5000


  1. Shitverse’s Camp Miiverse is coming back!? Yay! I can’t wait to NOT use it!

    1. Another reason why I don’t take this shit or miiverse serious. I asked my friend for his PSN after I lost contact with him for 3 years. I found him on Wii u and wanted to reconnect on another system and asking for his PSN banned me, him, and deleted our message. Nintendo has it on policy not to give usernames to anyone, but this also included people on your own friend list. Miiverse is cool for drawing shit but unless they make 3 different online profile levels: kid, medium, and hardcore gamer, then their online shit is completely failure ville. Not to mention theres more lag on their shit still.

  2. If they can throw in some My Nintendo coins for doing stuff, then I’m all for it, otherwise I’m not likely to touch it lol

      1. Nothing wrong with Platinum points. I’ve already gotten Warioware Touched and Zelda Picross along with a couple themes. Considering it’s all been free, I’d say they were damn useful. But besides logging in, it’s be cool if platinum coins could be awarded for finishing certain challenges and posting about them. That’s only a dream though….just a dream….

      2. Useful my ass. Most of the crap they are “giving away” is ugly filler crap to make it look like My Nintendo has a lot to offer. I’ve only used it for that nice Bravely Second theme because the one I got for preordering the game sucked ass. By the time they have anything truly worthwhile on there, all of my coins will have expired. “Coins expire after 6 months!” What fucking retard did Nintendo hire to make My Nintendo with that fucking idea in mind!? *facepalm*

        1. What in the actual fuck?

          6 FUCKING MONTHS?? That’s seriously disappointing, How am I supposed to save up coins now for something big down the road? I find this especially absurd with the gold coins.

          1. I honestly don’t know what the hell they were thinking with that time limit. It’s like having ridiculous limits in Miiiverse is spreading to other shit! :/

      3. Now if I was into all of the casual crap they have in My Nintendo like Zelda Picross or that Warioware shit, I’d definitely find the coins a lot more useful. I’m a gamer. I don’t want “pass the time” games. I want fully fleshed out adventures!

  3. Um, Miiverse is dead. The only reason people still use it is so they can sell 6IV Pokemon. Ever since it launched, Nintendo have been adding more and more restrictions. Screenshots cannot be posted in Pokemon XYORAS communities, there’s now a daily post limit, you can only have one conversation at any one time and the last good community has had the reply feature removed.

    1. xD Some admin didn’t like criticism so claimed it was being sexually explicit to justify deleting the comment & then banning you. Miiverse is the next Nintendo Life, guys! Soon all the fanboys are going to be attacking people that don’t suck up to Nintendo and they’ll be left alone by the admins while the people that attack back in self defense get reported, deleted, & banned. :/

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